Librarian Review

Review Dossier Elements

  • AUL Letter or Comment (if applicable; not for Affiliated Librarians)

Physical Presentation of the Dossier

  • Select a binder with a transparent cover and a pocket inside the binder for CAPA to insert an Ad Hoc Committee evaluation letter if applicable.
  • Include your full name, your rank, type of review, and review period on the binder cover and your name on the spine. This helps CAPA, LHRD and the UL's office manage big piles of dossiers without opening the binders.
  • Use a minimum of 11-point font and single-sided printing.
  • Organize your materials with tabs or dividers. For example, include a table of contents and make tabs for all required and relevant documentation in your dossier such as self-evaluation, RI evaluation and AUL/Director comments, confidential external letters of support, biography for academic personnel and/or CV, forms, documentation checklist, and certification statement.
  • Certification statements and documentation checklists may be inserted by LHRD or the candidate.
  • Save a copy of everything that you submit in your dossier for your future reference.
  • Proofread everything in the dossier before submission.

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