Librarian Statement of Responsibilities

LAUC-B Colleagues,

The LAUC-B Fall Assembly business meeting included discussion of the “Statement of Responsibility”, it was agreed that the LAUC-B Executive Committee would charge a small task force to develop examples to use as a writing reference tool. As a result, the task group developed two examples for you to use when working on your own statement; these are meant to illustrate the suggested level of detail needed and to provide a possible model for structuring your statement, they should not be regarded as a mandatory format.

The Statement of Responsibility can be a brief document reviewed by each Librarian and his or her supervisor/review initiator.  Per Article 8 of the current MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), the Statement should be reviewed regularly and modified as necessary. As noted on the Fall Assembly agenda, you can refer to the most recent MOU, between UC and the AFT (ratified by the membership in spring 2008).

Current agreement

Article 8

Librarian Statement of Primary Responsibilities: example 1example 2 (technical services)