Examples of Successful Proposals from Berkeley

Are you thinking about applying for a LAUC research grant, but you arent sure what types of proposals are successful, or youre wondering how recipients spend their grant funds? Take a look at this sampling of recent research projects from UC Berkeley that received funding. If you have additional questions, the recipients will be happy to speak with prospective applicants.

Roscoe Pound and the Women of Berkeley: Class and Gender in American Legal Education
William Benemann
Proposal [Word document]

I spent a wonderful week at Harvard the end of September, working both in the Harvard Law School Archives and the University Archives, and I was able to gather (literally) mounds of material on the struggle for legal education for women. I still need to complete the Berkeley half of my research before I can begin my article, but the Harvard half made possible by my LAUC grant was a great success.

American Indian Periodical Indexing and Database Project
John D. Berry and Kenneth Wade
Proposal [Word document]

The LAUC grant enabled us to create a database of previously non-indexed Native American periodical titles. We were able to hire student help to pursue data entry and purchase software for the bibliographies.

Database of American Labor Graphics
Lincoln Cushing and Terry Huwe
Proposal [Word document]

The American Labor Graphics Survey has benefited greatly from LAUC funding, which paid for site visits to libraries and archives all over the country. These not only helped us to verify and expand upon collection-level data already gathered, but they provided a unique opportunity for community-building among subject-area peers.

Centennial History of the UCB Architecture Program (Part 2)
Elizabeth Byrne and Waverly Lowell
Proposal [Word document]

We used our LAUC grant funds to hire a research/clerical assistant (student) who helped us review a wide range of primary and secondary materials located in several collections; helped compile a bibliography and lists of faculty and alumni; assisted with compilation of a timeline; input metadata for scanned images; and assisted with obtaining reproductions and permissions and noting credits for illustrations. Byrne also used some funds for release time.  Additional funds were used for print and digital reproductions for the exhibit and the book, and for the design of the forthcoming book.

New Mexican Santos and Santeros: An Annotated Bibliography
Theresa Salazar
Proposal [Word document]

I used the LAUC-B Research Grant funds for travel to repositories that had significant holdings related to my project. The grant allowed me to travel to Denver, Tucson, and northern New Mexico to talk with curators and archivists as well as view collections related to the project. I also used the funds for a student assistant, who worked on input of the information into a database. The grant was indispensable to me being able to move the project significantly forward.

Survey of California Water and Irrigation Districts
Linda Vida and Randal Brandt
Proposal [Word document]

The Water Resources Center Archives received a LAUC-B grant to conduct a survey of historical records held by California water and irrigation districts. Ninety percent of the grant funds were spent to hire a Library Assistant III to work on the project with WRCA staff, including contacting water districts and tabulating data, first in Excel and ultimately in a more user friendly Access database.