Committee on Research

Current Roster


The Committee on Research shall be composed of at least three members to be appointed by the LAUC-B Executive Committee. At least one member shall be from the Affiliated Libraries and one member shall be a former Townsend Center Fellow. All members of the Committee shall serve two years with staggered terms of office. The Chair of the Committee shall be a LAUC member, and shall serve a one year term of office. The Chair shall regularly consult with the LAUC-B Chair of the Professional Development Committee. The Berkeley representative to the Systemwide LAUC Committee on Research shall serve as an ex officio member of the local Committee until his/her term of statewide office expires. Members serving on this committee may not review their own applications to the LAUC Research Grants for Librarians Program. The Committee shall:

  1. Review campus applications for the University-wide Research Grants for Librarians Program and advise prospective grantees on the feasibility and appropriateness of applications.
  2. Recruit LAUC-B participants for the Townsend Center Librarian Fellows program.
  3. Investigate and disseminate other campus or system-wide research opportunities and funding for UC Berkeley librarians.


Committee Documents