Executive Committee Minutes 07/31/09

LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting
Friday, July 31, 2009
10 am - 12 noon
303 Doe Library
Present: Seyem Petrites, Lisa Ngo, David Eifler, Corliss Lee, Margaret Phillips, Paul
Atwood, Jennifer Nelson, Ramona Martinez, Armanda Barone

I. Announcements

-ExComm transition meeting on August 13. Official turnover date for committee
members is September 1.

-MP & CL will be out of town next week.

-LAUC statewide transition meeting at UCB August 17.

-Affiliated librarians have not yet heard from APO about peer review. CL will
mention to UL at August 10 meeting (if nothing has occurred by that time).

II. Reports
A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson)

Balance = $113,539.53
B. Meeting with the University Librarian (C. Lee and M. Phillips)

CL and MP met with UL on 7/22/09

-UL was preparing for discussion of how to handle furloughs at UCB. Closure of
services, required furlough days for all of campus, etc.

-Brian Schottlaender (UCD) continues as convener of UL’s.

-Professional Development funding (non-LAUC-B) still being determined. ALA
in July was covered.

-AUL-level Task Force on the use of volunteers in the Library; LAUC-B should
follow any developments closely.

-Career Compass: UL did not send letter as campus HR has been making some
changes in response to comments.

-Other AUL working groups: Chiefly stalled due to vacations. Technical Services
review begins on 8/1.

-Newcomb’s (Chair of the Senate Library Committee) top priority is to avoid

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate
(M. Phillips)

-No meeting: Off for the summer.
D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call:

-No call in July.

III. Old Business
A. Diversity Committee report re plan for mentoring TF activities

[DELAYED until later ExComm meeting.]

B. Alternatives to Travel report

-LN discussed the survey and the spreadsheet. Survey suggested that large
meetings could not be replaced by a travel alternative. The spreadsheet
summarizes technologies (video, audio, and desktop solutions) available either
free or for a fee. UC has an agreement with ReadyTalk, which includes free
video conferencing and $0.023/minute per active phone line for conference call.
LN & DE will edit and make this information available on the LAUC-B website.

-For more about the survey results, visit the LAUC-B blog posting at

C. LAUC-B web redesign

-Reviewed mock-up provided by H.Dekker.

-Discussion of who is responsible for specific Web pages (e.g., Calendar of
Events). CL intends to include this information on the ExComm wiki. Ex
Comm delegated this task to CL and MP.

D. Career Compass - update & discussion

-No activity on the bSpace site. The union has had some impact, but we are still
awaiting word from campus HR.

-LAUC-B continues to be uncomfortable with some of the descriptions,
particularly Library Professional 4, Library Manager II & III.

E. Professional Development funding

-LAUC-B allocation, for represented librarians, is in the MOU. LAUC-B puts in
funding for non-represented librarians. Currently funding $564 for each
librarian. LAUC-B actually offers $900 per librarian, as many librarians do not
use the funds. Librarians in The Library have also had access to the Bary funds;
this is currently on hold. This year LAUC-B funding will also cover
professional memberships, and we do not know how many more librarians will
use the funding for reimbursement of membership dues.

The current ExComm will suggest to the incoming Ex Comm a one-time, one-
year increase in professional development funding, in order to utilize the
LAUC-B balance. CL, MP, JN, and I-Wei will meet with Kris Leonardo in
order to arrive at a range of amounts to suggest.

-Some folks did not put in request by July 1 for travel in August. LAUC-B does
not know yet if it will be able to raise the allocation. These individuals will have
to travel at their own financial risk.

IV. New Business
A. Topics for mid-August turnover meeting

-Send any thoughts or suggestions to CL.