Executive Committee Minutes 9/1/98

Meeting No. 1998/99 (1)
1 September 1998 Transition Meeting
9:05 - 11:00 am, 119 Moses Hall


Present: Michaelyn Burnette (Incoming Secretary), Terry Dean, Barbara Glendenning, Marlene Harmon, Terry Huwe (Outgoing CAPA Chair), Phoebe Janes, Ann Jensen (CAPA Chair), Jim Larrabee (Statewide), Corliss Lee, Michael Levy, Andrea Sevetson, Deborah Sommer (Chair), Linda Vida (Secretary), Beth Weil

Absent: Chuck James, Virginia Shih, Christina Tarr, Jack Von Euw

Handouts: Agenda (9/1/98); Draft Minutes (8/11/98); Draft Revised LAUC-B By-laws; Nominating & Elections Committee suggested By-laws revisions; UC Riverside letter regarding creation of UC Library Institute.

The meeting was called to order and the outgoing and incoming members of the Executive Committee (Ex Comm) made brief self-introductions.

I. Announcements D. Sommer
a) A. Sevetson announced that the Townsend Center is one of the sponsors of the LAUC-B Conference on Scholarly Publication/Communication which will be held on Friday, November 6, 1998. The Townsend Center has donated $1,700.00 to offset conference expenses.
b) Jeanne Fong (Conference Chair) will be invited to the next Ex Comm meeting in order to give a conference update.

II. The MINUTES from the 8/11/98 (13) meeting were approved with corrections. L. Vida will send these MINUTES out on the LAUC-B reflector, have them mounted on the LAUC-B website and send an announcement to Patsy Inouye.

III. Old Business - D. Sommer

LAUC-B By-laws revision (T. Dean)
D. Sommer opened discussion regarding a memo received from the LAUC-B Nominating and Elections (N&E) Committee with suggested revisions to the LAUC-B By-laws. The N&E Committee made several suggestions about specific LAUC-B committee composition. Discussion ensued about the possible impacts to the committees mentioned regarding quorum, diversity, and recruitment and attendance issues. It was determined to refer the suggestions to the committees involved for their comments.

Discussion then ensued regarding procedures for formal adoption of LAUC-B By-laws revisions: 1) how the revisions and issues need to be presented to the members; 2) if revisions need to be voted on article by article or section by section; 3) whether pro and con arguments on specific changes need to be written and presented to the membership and the timeframe for this; 4) how comments from members will be received (email, etc.).

It was suggested that revisions could be mounted on the LAUC-B website one month before the Fall Assembly followed by discussion at the Assembly and a membership ballot soon after. Once a change is adopted locally, the revisions are forwarded to the Statewide Committee on Committees for approval.

T. Dean requested that Ex Comm review the suggested revisions and send Comments to her by Friday, September 4th. Discussion ensued about duties for some of the Ex Comm members that should be incorporated into a procedures manual.

ACTION: The Chair will appoint a committee to produce a procedures manual.

Public Services Task Force progress report C. Lee C. Lee and Phyllis Bischof co-chair the Public Services Task Force. C. Lee briefly summarized the impetus behind creation of the Task Force, communication of their activities, and implementation of their recommendations. She also spoke briefly about the many challenges facing the Task Force and mentioned that Penny Abell continues to support this endeavor. The LAUC-B budget may be impacted if LAUC-B is asked to support some of the Task Force meeting expenses.

IV. New Business A. Sevetson
New Ex Comm meeting time & place The date, time and location for the 98/99 Ex Comm meetings were set. Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month from 9-11 a.m. through the end of the year. Meetings will be held on October 14th , November 11th, and December 9th. [It was subsequently decided that the meeting location would be the Stone Room, in The Bancroft Library.]

Preparing for the Gerald Lowell interview G. Lowell, a candidate for the University Librarian (UL) position, will be interviewed on campus September 8th & 9th. An Early Bird will be held on Tuesday, September 8th from 8:30 9:30 a.m. at Alumni House. Ex Comm will Meet with the candidate on September 8th from 2:30 3:30 p.m., and there will be a drop in meeting for all library staff on Wednesday, September 9th from 2:45 3:15 p.m. A. Sevetson urged incoming and outgoing members of Ex Comm to attend these meetings.

The LAUC Statewide Assembly will be held on Friday, December 11th, 1998 at UC San Francisco. The official LAUC-B delegates are M. Burnette, B. Glendenning M. Harmon, A. Sevetson. Please let A. Sevetson know as soon as possible, if you are unable to attend this meeting and someone can be appointed to attend in your place.

LAUC Minutes from other campuses assignment A. Sevetson asked everyone on Ex Comm to volunteer to monitor one of the other campuses divisional minutes and report on any significant items at the monthly meeting. Please contact M. Burnette regarding your selection.

The LAUC-B Fall Assembly will be held on December 2nd or 3rd, 1998 in the Goldberg Room or Alumni House depending upon availability.

LAUC Archives procedures
A. Sevetson asked M. Burnette to distribute copies of the LAUC Archives procedures to incoming and outgoing Ex Comm members.

A. Sevetson is working on a LAUC-B calendar for 98/99 and will post it on the LAUC- B website.

Report from the 8/19/98 LAUC Executive Board Meeting (D. Sommer and A. Sevetson) A. Sevetson asked Ex Comm to review the UC Riverside proposal to establish the UC Libraries Institute. A. Sevetson asked Ex Comm to review this proposal and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting.

Mining Task Force Report
Due to time constraints this item will be discussed at the next meeting.

The next Ex Comm meeting will be on Wednesday, October 14, 1998 from 9:00 am 11:00 am.