Executive Committee Minutes 8/4/99

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Meeting No. 10 (1998/99)
August 4, 1999, 10:10-11 A.M.
303 Doe


Present: Michaelyn Burnette (secretary), Barbara Glendenning, Marlene Harmon, Chuck James, Phoebe Janes, Michael Levy, Andrea Sevetson (chair), Virginia Shih, Deborah Sommer, Beth Weil

Absent: Jim Larrabee, Jack von Euw

Handouts: agenda; draft minutes (meeting no. 9, June 16, 1999); document on upward evaluation of supervisors; Guidelines for Use of LAUC-B Executive Committee Laptop Computers

1. Announcements (Sevetson)

Sevetson has mounted a schedule of lunches with candidates on the web; ExComm members should check this site for openings and sign up for lunches. Sevetson has copies of candidate c.v.s and cover letters which she will share.

2. The minutes of June 16, 1999, were amended and approved.

3. Business

A. Upward evaluation of supervisors (Sevetson)

Sevetson will forward a copy of this LAUC document to University Librarian Jerry Lowell for his consideration with an offer that LAUC-B will gladly assist him in the implementation or revision of the document. Sevetson will circulate a draft of her cover letter to ExComm for comment.

B. LAUC-B Laptop Use Guidelines (Sommer)

ExComm discussed possible revisions to the guidelines; Sommer will draft new text and circulate to ExComm.