Executive Committee Minutes 7/9/97

     LAUC-B Executive Committee
     Meeting No. 1996/97 (12)
     9 July 1997
     9:00 -11:00 AM, 109 Moses Hall
     Present: W. Benemann (Secretary), R. Brandt, T. Dean (Chair), G. 
     Irving (CAPA), R. Moon, G. Peete, D. Sommer, A. Swartzell, C. Tarr, K. 
     Vanden Heuvel
     Absent: D. Jan, C.Lee
     Guest: Andrea Sevetson
     Handouts: Agenda; Minutes of Meeting 1996/97 (11); Letter to 
     Chancellor Berdahl from T. Dean; Memo from Peter Lyman re Blue Ribbon 
     Committee on the Library; Treasurer's report.
     I. Announcements
        a.)  T. Dean thanked D. Sommer for serving as Chair of the 
     previous meeting, in her absence.  
        b.)  ExComm discussed a librarian's merit review that has been 
     approved after a delay of two years.  Strong concern was expressed 
     over the lack of timeliness in this review.
        ACTION: T. Dean will draft a letter to the University Librarian 
     citing the APM requirement that librarians be reviewed in a timely 
        c.)  Jeanne Fong has volunteered to serve on the Staff Development 
        d.)  In response to several inquiries, the Board discussed the 
     issue of whether to offer additional reimbursement for members to 
     attend the ALA Exhibits.  Upon careful consideration, it was decided 
     that LAUC-B would not offer reimbursement to members who had not 
     already submitted an application for support.
      II. The minutes of meeting 1996/97 (11) were approved.
     III. Old business
        a.) Susana Hinojosa has proposed that LAUC-B convene a conference 
     devoted to the issue of the future of librarianship.  The Executive 
     Committee thought this proposal would be more effective as a 
     statewide initiative, rather than a project for LAUC-B alone to 
     sponsor.  As an alternative, it was proposed that a LAUC Fall or 
     Spring Assembly could be convened to focus on this topic, rather than 
     to try to organize a separate conference, since travel funds have 
     already been included in most divisions' budgets for attendance at 
     the assemblies.
        ACTION: D. Sommer and T. Dean will respond to Susana, and ask her 
     to prepare a written proposal to bring forward at the statewide 
        b.)  Administrative stipends -- D. Sommer
        After much discussion among LAUC-B members, LAUC-B submitted a 
     written response to LAUC Chair Miki Goral giving Berkeley's tentative 
     support for administrative stipends, on the condition that they be 
     awarded only as temporary salary increases for temporary 
     administrative responsibilities.  Unfortunately, Goral has circulated 
     a response (written without having received feedback from the 
     divisions) which strongly denounces administrative stipends.  The 
     Executive Committee felt that the tone of her response was 
     unnecessarily combative, and that it was based on assumptions about 
     the structuring of the program that have not yet been confirmed.
        ACTION: D. Sommer will draft a response to Goral, stressing our 
     desire to support temporary stipends where appropriate, and 
     reiterating our belief that the language of the APM should not be 
     amended to strike language providing that librarians be paid 
     according to "published salary scales."
        c.)  Internal recruitments -- T. Dean
        Many issues have been raised concerning recent internal 
     recruitments for professional positions.  Positions have been listed 
     as rotational opportunities, temporary appointments, and/or 
     combinations of professional and support duties.  The Executive 
     Committee is concerned that the guidelines for recruitment for 
     professional positions are becoming murky.  G. Irving feels that CAPA 
     should be involved whenever a hire constitutes a new appointment to 
     the Librarian Series.
        d.)  Value of LAUC participation -- G. Irving
        In responding to concerns expressed by the Nominations and 
     Elections Committee, G. Irving reviewed recent evaluations for 
     evidence that LAUC service is not valued in the review process.  On 
     the contrary, she noted that such service is valued and encouraged.  
     ExComm discussed various strategies for improving recruitment results 
     for LAUC service.  Ideas included: routinely providing letters of 
     thanks to those serving on LAUC committees, detailing contributions 
     made; appointing at least one recent former CAPA member (who can 
     bring information as to who might be interested in serving on LAUC) 
     to the N&E Committee; publicizing service opportunities via the 
     LAUC-B reflector; using the committee histories traditionally 
     compiled and kept up-to-date by the N&E Committee.
        ACTION: T. Dean will respond to the Nominations and Elections 
     Committee and will suggest that a recent CAPA member be included each 
     year on the Committee.
     IV. New business
        a.)  T. Dean will send a letter to Chancellor Berdahl welcoming 
     him to the campus, introducing him to LAUC, and explaining our role 
     in the UC Library system.
        b.)  T. Dean has written a letter to Pam Samuelson, congratulating 
     her on her MacArthur Award.  Prof. Samuelson was a featured speaker 
     at both LAUC-B Copyright Conferences.
        c.)  T. Dean and D. Sommer will draft the LAUC-B budget for next 
     year.  We will once again request funding for a conference similar to 
     the two successful copyright conferences we have sponsored.
        d.)  T. Dean has invited Tony Newcomb, chair of the Blue Ribbon 
     Committee on the Library, to meet with us in order to discuss what 
     role LAUC-B can play in the Committee's review.
     V. Future meetings
        The turnover meeting for LAUC-Statewide has been scheduled for 
     August 14th.   Tony Newcomb will meet with LAUC-B Ex Comm on August 
     13th.  The turnover meeting for LAUC-B has been scheduled for 
     September 10th.
     The next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be Wednesday, August 13, 1997, 
     from 9:00-11:00 AM in 109 Moses.