Executive Committee Minutes 7/25/01

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting

July 25, 2001
2:10-4:00 pm
303 Doe Library

Present: B. Ogden (chair), B. Anton, M. Phillips, B. Glendenning (recorder), R. Lhermitte, A. Youmans, N. Kobzina

Absent: H. Morimoto, P. Maughan, N. Robinson, J. Galloway, S. Calpestri

1. Announcements

- next scheduled meeting date (August 8, 10:10-12:00) will be the turnover meeting.
- Continuing Education for the Bar has hired a new librarian, Ruth Girill. Her official start date is August 1.

2. Treasurer's report: none, due to campus fiscal close activities.

3. Meeting with University Librarian

B. Ogden and B. Anton discussed issues regarding Bancroft archivists positions and the UL's letter to all LAUC-B members regarding the review process this year.

4. Senate Library Committee Report: none as committee doesn't meet in summer months.

5. Candidate lunches: M. Phillips sought an ExComm member to lunch with serials cataloger candidates during the week of 7/30-8/3. B. Glendenning volunteered.

6. Action Items from previous meeting:

Librarian travel request/reimbursement procedures memo: R. Lhermitte sent memo on procedures to be followed in the coming year. B. Ogden will provide Lhermitte with UL's response about $800 Administrative development funds for 2001-02, and Lhermitte will send memo to all LAUC-B members about all travel funds for '01-'02.

Changes to LAUC-B Guidelines for Peer Review: CAPA is still working on identifying documents to be removed from current use from the CAPA binder. N. Kobzina contacted W. Roberts regarding archiving obsolete documents and he has provided clarification on what might be archived. CAPA chair Kobzina will contact Academic Personnel about approved changes to documents issued by Office of the Chancellor.

Request for advice on reclassifying archivists as librarians: Chair and Chair- Elect discussed the issue at monthly meeting with UL and followed up with formal letter outlining issues that should be investigated and considered by Library Administration.

7. Replacement of Hideyuki Morimoto on Executive Committee.

H. Morimoto's term expires next month. Ex Comm decided not to replace him for the sake of two meetings.

8. Replacement of Yu-lan Chou on CAPA.

As many librarian interviews are scheduled CAPA sought a replacement as soon as possible. CAPA had recommendations for Ex Comm and after discussion a candidate was selected. After discussion Ex Comm appointed Margaret Phillips to succeed Yu-lan Chou, and to serve from now through 2003.

9. T. Leonard's July 12 message to LAUC-B on librarian reviews.

Ex Comm discussed and will follow up with some questions to the UL on items B and E.

Action Items: Related to the discussion of item E in UL letter, it was recommended that a bank of librarian skills and interests be developed for possible future use with rotations and/or professional renewal. A LAUC-B program was suggested wherein LAUC-B members who have successfully "redefined" their job skills during the last few years could expand on that process and its benefits and problems.