Executive Committee Minutes 6/11/97

     LAUC-B Executive Committee
     Meeting No. 1996/97 (11)
     11 June 1997
     9:00 -11:15 AM, 109 Moses Hall
     Present: W. Benemann (Secretary), R. Brandt, G. Irving (CAPA), C. Lee, 
     R. Moon, D. Sommer (Acting Chair), A. Swartzell, C. Tarr, K. Vanden 
     Absent: T. Dean,  D. Jan, G. Peete,
     Handouts: Agenda; Minutes of Meeting 1996/97 (10); Administrative 
     Stipends: Pros and Cons; E-mail from G. Irving: "Stipends and Peer 
     Review;" Print-out from web: "Proposed New Academic Personnel Manual 
     Sect. 633...;" Print-out from web: "Proposed Deletions of 
     I. Minutes
        The minutes of Meeting 1996/97 (10) were approved, with 
     II. Administrative stipends
        D. Sommer led the discussion of the proposal to provide 
     administrative stipends for librarians who are not in the bargaining 
     unit, and who are assigned administrative responsibilities.  The 
     discussion began with a general question of what role LAUC-B Ex Comm 
     should play in advising LAUC on this matter, since our membership is 
     obviously divided on the issue of administrative stipends, and the 
     time frame was too short to allow for a formal ballot.  It was 
     decided that the very well-reasoned discussion that had been carried 
     on by members on the LAUC-B reflector had given us the opportunity of 
     hearing a variety of opinions of the subject, and rather than vote 
     "yes" or "no" on the proposal, our response to LAUC statewide should 
     reflect the various concerns of our constituency.
        There were a number of issues in the proposal that were unclear:
        Who would be included?  Would administrative stipends be given to 
     librarians with permanent administrative duties, or was this program 
     envisioned as a way to provide temporary financial incentives for 
     temporary assignments? 
        Who is in the bargaining unit?  Since the proposal is clearly 
     restricted to librarians outside the bargaining unit, the perennial 
     problem of ascertaining membership in the unit would need to be 
     resolved before the program could be adopted. 
        What would the standards be for receiving the stipend?  Who would 
     decide that a stipend was appropriate?  Would the stipend come to a 
     librarian automatically at the time that the administrative 
     responsibilities were assumed, would s/he need to apply for it, or 
     would it be awarded after a review period?
        Who will be setting the local criteria for administrative 
     stipends?  Will local LAUC chapters be consulted concerning stipends 
     for librarians?
        There was general agreement that we might be able to support 
     administrative stipends if they were intended to be temporary in 
     nature.  G. Irving pointed out that supervision of other librarians 
     need not be the only form of administrative duties; librarians who 
     take on the added responsibility of managing a library move or 
     remodelling project might be candidates for a temporary stipend.  A. 
     Swartzell suggested that we might support the proposal, as long as 
     the stipend was term-limited and awarded on the basis of objective 
     criteria.  R. Moon asked whether a librarian who was considered to be 
     a member of the bargaining unit might move out of the unit in order 
     to qualify for a temporary stipend, and then re-enter the unit at the 
     end of the temporary duties.
     ACTION: D. Sommer will contact Janice Dost and Susana Hinojosa to 
     find out what the latest regulations are concerning membership in the 
     bargaining unit.
     G. Irving questioned the wisdom of deleting APM 360-18(a) and 
     Appendix A(c), since their current language affirms that "librarians 
     ... shall be paid in accordance with the published salary scales for 
     the librarians series...."  She felt that adding language that would 
     provide for an exception in the case of administrative stipends would 
     be preferable to deleting the paragraphs entirely.
     ACTION: D. Sommer will draft a response to Miki Goral that both 
     expresses our support for the concept of temporary administrative 
     stipends, and affirms our continued support for the dual-track system 
     of advancing through the ranks of the Librarian Series. 
     III. ALA Exhibition passes -- D. Sommer
        D. Jan is exploring our options for reimbursing members who want to 
     purchase exhibits-only passes to the ALA meeting in San Francisco. 
     IV. Conference proposal -- D. Sommer
        Susana Hinojosa has proposed that LAUC sponsor a statewide conference on 
     the future of librarianship that would promote a wide-ranging discussion of 
     issues and include representatives from all levels of UC libraries.  This 
     proposal will be discussed further at the July meeting.
     V. Nominations for Committees -- D. Sommer
        Kay Starkweather has asked us to nominate librarians to serve on the 
     Staff Development Committee and the Classification Committee.  D. Sommer 
     has asked LAUC-B Nominations Committee chair Michaelyn Burnett to take on 
     this responsibility.
     The next LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting will be Wednesday, July 9th, 
     from 9:00-11:00 AM in 109 Moses.