Executive Committee Minutes 5/21/97

     LAUC-B Executive Committee
     Meeting No. 1996/97 (10)
     21 May 1997
     9:00 -11:15 AM, 109 Moses Hall
     Present: W. Benemann (Secretary), R. Brandt, T. Dean (Chair), G. Irving 
     (CAPA), D. Jan, R. Moon, G. Peete, D, Sommer, A. Swartzell, C. Tarr
     Absent: C. Lee, K. Vanden Heuvel
     Handouts: Letter from CAPA re Library staff rotational opportunity; E-mail 
     from D. Sommer re Library staff rotational opportunity; Memo from the 
     LAUC-B Nominating & Elections Committee to T. Dean re difficulties with 
     recruitment; E-mail from Miki Goral to LAUC Chairs re APM revisions for 
     final review; E-mail from Susana Hinojosa to T. Dean re proposed LAUC 
     conference on the present and future status of librarians; E-mail from S. 
     Hinojosa re survey: Do librarians have intellectual freedom in their 
     workplace?; Letter to Leon Litwack from T. Dean re Budget Request, The 
     Library, FY 1997-98; Memo from T. Dean to Peter Lyman re Advancement or 
     promotion of candidates in term-limited AUL positions
     I. Treasurer's Report -- D. Jan
        Attempts to print from the web version of the travel 
     support form have been successful for some members, 
     unsuccessful for others.  It appears that users will need to 
     have access to Acrobat Reader 3.0.
        As of March 1997, the LAUC-B account balance is $51,000 
     (excluding expenses for the Copyright Conference, which are 
     estimated to be $8,100).  For the Conference we received 
     $5,000 from Sun, and $4,000 (not the expected $2,000) from 
     UCOP.  We have approximately $16,000 in encumbrances for 
     projected travel expenses, leaving us with a balance of 
     II. Announcements
        T. Dean sent a memo to the Vice Chancellor requesting 
     more information about the "blue ribbon" commission 
     established to review the Library.  It was announced at the 
     May Academic Senate meeting that this in-house committee had 
     been appointed by C. Christ.
        T. Dean also requested from the Vice Chancellor 
     information about the proposal to add more steps to the 
     Librarian Series.  LAUC-B would like to add its comments to 
     the discussion.
        W. Benemann announced that links to other LAUC chapter 
     web sites have been added to LAUC-B's site.  Users may now 
     reach Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Cruz.
     III. Minutes
        The minutes for the Meeting No. 1996/97 (Special) [with 
     Leon Litwack] and No. 1996/97 (9) were approved.
     IV. Old business
        a.)  The Copyright Conference was a great success, with 
     150 attendees.  G. Peete suggested that the handouts for the 
     Conference be mounted on the LAUC Scholarly Communications 
     web site.
        ACTION: T. Dean will contact Lee Jaffe about mounting the 
        b.)  D. Sommer reported that one volunteer for the LAUC-B 
     slate for 1997/98 was passed over by the Nominating and 
     Elections Committee.  She suggested that the Committee 
     should encourage wider participation by issuing a request 
     for volunteers using the LAUC-B reflector.
     V. New business
        a.)  Ex Comm discussed the communications from the LAUC-B 
     Nominating and Elections Committee concerning their 
     difficulty in recruiting candidates for LAUC offices.  The 
     Committee has suggested that there is a perception among 
     some LAUC-B members that participation in LAUC is not valued 
     relative to other professional activities.  R. Moon pointed 
     out that the higher a candidate rises in the Librarian 
     Series, the broader his or her contributions to the 
     profession are expected to be.  For the many LAUC-B members 
     now in higher ranks, participation only in campus-level 
     professional groups is not sufficient for promotion.  G. 
     Peete suggested that we ask P. Lyman for a clearer statement 
     of the value placed on LAUC participation. [Discussion of 
     this issue continued on e-mail, and it will be taken up at 
     the regular July meeting.]
        b.)  G. Irving lead the discussion of the memo from Miki 
     Goral re administrative stipends.  Since these stipends are 
     restricted to LAUC members who are not in the bargaining 
     unit, there is some confusion about who would be eligible.
        ACTION: T. Dean will send out information on the stipend 
     proposal and solicit comments from the LAUC-B membership. 
        c.)  Ex Comm discussed the recent posting of a rotational 
     opportunity in the Teaching Library, which was posted as 
     either a Library Assistant or Librarian position, with the 
     possibility of becoming permanent.  There was concern about 
     the wording of the announcement, and about the practice of 
     by-passing CAPA when recruiting for rotational Librarian 
     positions.   [Discussion of this issue continued on e-mail, 
     and it will be taken up at the regular July meeting.]
     The next LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting will be Wednesday, June 
     11th, from 9:00-11:00 in 109 Moses. [Meeting date selected and 
     announced subsequent to the May 21st meeting.]