Executive Committee Minutes 4/12/00


LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
April 12, 2000


Present: B. Glendenning (Chair), D. Farrell (Secretary), P. Janes, H. Morimoto, B. Sibley, B. Weil, A. Youmans
Absent: S. Calpestri, C. James, B. Ogden, A. Sevetson

Agenda; Draft Minutes; Results of Operations, LAUC-B, EMail regarding administrative travel

1. Minutes
Minutes of the March 8, 2000, meeting were approved.

2. Announcements
B. Glendenning: Nomination and Election Committee is making good progress with this year's slate; Morrison is reserved for Spring Assembly 5/3; D. Farrell is arranging for refreshments.

D. Farrell: The Steve Coffman program is this Friday, 9 a.m.

3. Reports
A. Chair: B. Glendenning met with the University Librarian; he asked LAUC Ex Comm to review documents relating to administration of travel funds.

4. New Business
A. CDL liaison webpage: ExComm discussed the UCR page, which was praised for its completeness and usefulness, and expressed support for a similar online document for Berkeley (and UC). At UCR the website is a creation of the LAUC-R secretary and the library Webmaster. Glendenning will find out more information from UCR, make inquiry about a similar site for UCB, perhaps jointly maintained by LAUC and Collections Council.

B. Administration of travel funds: ExComm reviewed notes from RoundTable (2/24) and Cabinet (3/2) laying out a rational, coordinated process for distributing travel funds by LAUC and the AULs for professional development, administrative, collection development, and training travel. Points to clarify: For collection development/selector travel: are supplemental funds distributed by the divisional AUL or the CD AUL ? When funds come from two or more sources (e.g., LAUC and Admin), which funds are expended first; if there are funds remaining, does LAUC or Admin have control over their reallocation ? Procedures in LBO need revamping, particularly in cases where there are more than two funding sources. It was observed that ExComm has no problem with the guiding principles, but LBO needs guidance in implementing them.

5. Old Business
A. Emeritus librarian: B. Glendenning reviewed the three points raised for clarification at the previous discussion. 1) Any librarian in the "full rank" Librarian series is eligible for the title "emeritus," according to Patty Owen in Academic Personnel. 2) Carrels are available for assignment in Doe Library for emeriti who request them. 3) Nomination files are forwarded to The Vice Chancellor by the University Librarian or, in the case of Affiliated Libraries, by the appropriate Dean or Director. Several members of ExComm expressed the opinion that Associate Librarians as well should be eligible for the title "emeritus," just as Associate Professors are; but the effort required to change the APM was deemed too difficult to make this a priority at this time.

B. Implementing possible additional steps in the librarian series: B. Glendenning called ExComm's attention to the issues, time, and work involved if the additional steps are approved by the University. If they are, ExComm and LAUC will need to take the lead to address implementation issues within a short time frame (between summer, if the proposal is approved, and fall, when librarians prepare their advancement dossiers). B. Glendenning will contact CAPA (and previous CAPA members) for their delineation of the issues; ExComm is invited to send her their thoughts as well.