Executive Committee Minutes 3/5/97

     LAUC-B Executive Committee
     Meeting No. 1996/97 (7)
     5 March 1997
     9:00-11:15 AM, Harris Room, 119 Moses Hall
     Present: W. Benemann (Secretary), R. Brandt, T. Dean (Chair), D. Jan, 
     R. Moon, G. Peete, D. Sommer, C. Tarr, K. Vanden Heuvel
     Absent: G. Irving (CAPA), C. Lee, A. Swartzell
     Handouts: Agenda; Minutes of Meeting No. 1996/97 (6); Letter to Leon 
     Litwack from T. Dean; Announcement: A License to Kill? Copyright 
     Ownership and Fair Use in an Age of Licensing; Faculty Research Grant 
     Program, 1997-98
     I. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved, with modifications.
     II.        Old Business
        a.)  "Future of Librarianship" series Early Birds have been 
     well-received.  Charles Faulhaber and Pamela Samuelson have been 
     scheduled, as well as a video-conference.  T. Dean suggested that a 
     summary session might be helpful in mid- to late-April, as an 
     opportunity for LAUC-B members to discuss the issues raised in the 
        b.)  Leon Litwack, Chair of the Senate Committee on Library, will 
     meet with the LAUC-B Executive Committee and LAUC-B members who would 
     like to attend on March 12th, from 10:00 to 11:00 AM.  
        c.)  Distinguished Librarian Award -- K. Vanden Heuvel.  The 
     committee to select the recipient of the award is being set. 
        d.)  Treasurer's Report -- D. Jan.  The requested adjustments in 
     travel forms have been made.  The suggestion has been made that 
     supplying the form in an electronic format would be helpful.  D. Jan 
     will suggest this next year to Cathy Dinnean, and explore what the 
     options might be at that time. 
        ACTION: D. Jan will send an e-mail message to the membership, 
     announcing that they should have received by now a photocopy of their 
     original travel form, with the amount of financial support allotted to 
     them indicated on it.  She will include further information for 
     members who will be attending ALA in San Francisco.
        e.)  K. Vanden Heuvel distributed copies of the guidelines for the 
     Faculty Research Grant Program, and the Committee discussed how these 
     guidelines might be applied to LAUC-B's travel and professional 
     development grants.  The guidelines were distributed to demonstrate 
     that all faculty can receive a grant of $1,000, so long as their 
     research or travel request meets basic guidelines.  If faculty want 
     more, they can opt for a larger grant, which must meet more stringent 
     guidelines.  While LAUC-B does not plan to adopt the faculty model, it 
     provided a useful comparison.
     III.       New Business.
        a.)  The Committee discussed in general topics we will want to 
     explore with Leon Litwack.
        b.)  The LAUC-B Spring Assembly will be scheduled for May 7th, with 
     an alternate date of April 30th if there are conflicts.  
        c.)  Discussion at the LAUC-Statewide meeting the previous day 
     indicated that the issue of librarians moving from Librarian IV to V 
     is not considered to be a problem on other campuses, where Librarian 
     IV is seen as a natural stopping place in professional advancement 
     (despite the fact that all campuses are facing a large increase in the 
     number of Librarians at Step IV).  There is a rumor that the 
     University Librarians have proposed adding two steps to the Librarian 
     series, which would provide librarians with a method of advancement 
     while maintaining the top grade for distinguished achievement.
        d.)  Berkeley is scheduled as the site for the next statewide 
     assembly, but because we agreed to host it out-of-turn last Fall, we 
     will suggest that San Francisco or Davis be chosen.
     The next regularly-schedule LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting will be 
     Monday, April 7, from 9:00-11:00 AM in 109 Moses.  The guest will 
     Genaro Padilla, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs.