Executive Committee Minutes 3/12/97

Special Meeting

     LAUC-B Executive Committee
     Meeting No. 1996/97 (Special)
     12 March 1997
     10:00-11:39 AM, Harris Room, 119 Moses Hall
     Present: W. Benemann (Secretary), R. Brandt, T. Dean (Chair), C. Lee, 
     R. Moon, G. Peete, D. Sommer, A. Swartzell, C. Tarr, K. Vanden Heuvel
     Absent: D. Jan
     Guests: Leon Litwack, several members of LAUC-B
     Leon Litwack, Chair of the Senate Committee on Library, spoke at this 
     specially-scheduled open meeting of the LAUC-B Executive Board.  He 
     expressed his long-time interest in Berkeley's libraries, pointing out 
     that he worked in the Main Library during his undergraduate years.  He 
     feels that he received a great academic benefit from the ability to 
     browse in the stacks, and regrets that such a large part of the 
     Library's collection is now stored off-campus.  
     Prof. Litwack explained that the Senate Committee on Library has no 
     executive power, but was established to advise the Chancellor on 
     Library-related affairs.  He believes that Chancellor Tien gave a 
     great deal of weight to the opinions expressed by the Committee, and 
     he is hopeful that the new Chancellor, with his background as an 
     historian, will be sympathetic to the needs of the humanities 
     The Committee on Library's number one priority is to fight the budget 
     cuts that are resulting in a reduction of materials and staff.  Prof. 
     Litwack stated that the recruitment and retention of skilled 
     librarians is essential in order to make campus collections 
     accessible.  Just as the science departments insist on the importance 
     of modern, well-equipped laboratories in order to attract the best 
     professors and students, the Library should be viewed as the lab of 
     the humanities, and given equal support when resources are being 
     allotted among the various educational programs.
     Prof. Litwack invited comments from the Executive Committee and from 
     the other LAUC-B members in attendance, and discussion ensued 
     concerning a variety of Library issues.  Prof. Litwack welcomed the 
     different points of view, stressed that he was particularly 
     appreciative of any concerns that might be brought to his attention, 
     and urged LAUC members to contact him to continue the dialog initiated 
     by this meeting.