Executive Committee Minutes 3/10/99

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Meeting No. 1998/99 (7)
March 10, 1999
9-10:15 a.m., Stone Room, The Bancroft Library


Present: Michaelyn Burnette (secretary), Barbara Glendenning, Marlene Harmon, Chuck James, Phoebe Janes, Jim Larrabee, Michael Levy (treasurer), Andrea Sevetson (chair), Jack von Euw, Beth Weil

Absent: Deborah Sommer, Virginia Shih

Handouts: agenda; draft minutes (meeting no. 6, February 10, 1999); cover letter to Provost King from LAUC President Lucas and text of LAUC proposal recommending expansion of the librarian series; copy of letter from Lorrita E. Ford, President of the SIMS Alumni Association, to Chancellor Berdahl on the issue of SIMS accreditation.

I. Announcements

Sevetson thanked Larrabee for making recent LAUC Executive Board minutes available on the web: http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/exboard/.

II. Minutes from February 10, 1999, were amended and approved.

III. Reports

A. Sevetson reported on the monthly meeting of the LAUC-B chair, chair-elect and the UL. LAUC participation in librarian interviews was discussed.

B. Glendenning reported on the previous two meetings of the Academic Senate Committee on Libraries. The 2/23 meeting focussed exclusively on a review of the Library's budget proposal. At the 3/2 meeting the budget proposal revisions were reviewed and discussed. CoL supported the staffing section of the Library budget. Also discussed: using electronic publications in the faculty review process and space issues in a satellite library.

C. Treasurer Levy will be in touch with Elise Woods to see about getting more detailed budget information so that he can track how allocations are being spent.

IV. Old Business

A. Sevetson handed out copies of LAUC President Lucas's transmittal letter and the Proposal for Expanding the Librarian Series Salary Scales (2/99) which were sent to Provost and Senior Vice-President Judson King on February 11, 1999.

B. Levy passed out the text of a letter written by the President of the SIMS Alumni Association to Chancellor Berdahl in support of ALA accreditation for SIMS. As of March, SIMS Alumni Assn. President Ford had not yet received a response.

V. New Business

A. ExComm approved a potential overage in the budget for the Cultural Diversity Committee; they are hosting a reception for an exhibit at Doe, Affirmative Action at UC Berkeley, and may need a very small additional sum.

B. Sevetson updated ExComm about librarian participation in the Townsend Center Fellowships. She has gone through the old files to cull procedures. ExComm approved the concept of Sevetson's appointing a screening committee of previous librarian fellows to look through the applications for 1999/00 to choose the librarian fellow. Sevetson will work with Christina Gillis, Associate Director of the Townsend Center, on a timetable for a call for applications. Von Euw has gathered reports from two previous fellows about their experience and projects; these will be mounted on the LAUC-B web. At least one more report is expected.

C. ExComm discussed potential speakers for the LAUC-B Spring Assembly, to be held May 5, 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. Sevetson will contact proposed speakers. Harmon will reserve the Goldberg Room.

D. Glendenning will chair the April 14 ExComm meeting.

E. Harmon will coordinate LAUC ExComm participation in the interview process for Public Health candidates. ExComm participation will be as follows:

LHRD will notify the LAUC-B Chair of the dates for the interviews and make lunch reservations. The LAUC-B Chair will appoint a coordinator to schedule the lunches and will notify ExComm of the names when the interviews are set up. LHRD will makes copies of the vitas available to those having lunch with the candidates and will also plan the process of getting the candidates to the lunch site. If the coordinator cannot schedule ExComm members for the candidate lunches, the coordinator will send a message to the LAUC-B reflector asking for volunteers. At least one member of ExComm will attend each lunch.