Executive Committee Minutes 2/5/97

     LAUC-B Executive Committee
     Meeting No. 1996/97 (6)
     5 February 1997
     9:00-11:30 am Harris Room, 119 Moses Hall
     Present: W. Benemann (Secretary), R. Brandt, T. Dean (Chair), D. Jan, 
     R. Moon, G. Peete, A. Swartzell, D. Sommer, C. Tarr, K. Vanden Heuvel
     Absent: C. Lee
     Guest: Grace Mills
     Handouts: Agenda; Minutes of Meeting No. 1996/97 (5); Notes from 
     1/29/97 Meeting (Problems and Solutions)
     I. Announcements.
        The LAUC-B Executive Committee Minutes are now available on the 
     Library web at ../minutes/
II. Minutes. The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved, with modifications. III. LAUC-B Professional Development Committee -- Grace Mills The Committee has scheduled Early Birds with Bob Berring (Law Library), Charles Faulhaber (Bancroft Library), and Kenneth Dowling (formerly, San Francisco Public Library) for the series "The Future of Librarianship." Pamela Samuelson (Boalt Hall Law School, and the School of Information Management Systems) has also agreed to speak to the membership. A date will be arranged. On March 20th, the American Association of Law Libraries, the Special Libraries Association, and the Medical Libraries Association are presenting a teleconference titled "The Future for Librarians: Positioning Yourself for Success." Terry Dean has suggested that LAUC-B and the San Francisco Bay Region Chapter of SLA co-sponsor a local site for the teleconference here on the Berkeley campus, with LAUC-B and SLA splitting the cost. The Executive Committee agreed to this proposal. ACTION: Grace Mills will contact Sue Rosenblatt to see if the Librarians Office will fund Berkeley's half of the costs, which will be $200. IV. Digital Library Initiative Analysis for the Committee on
-- D. Sommer The subcommittee submitted its summary evaluation of the Digital Library Initiative. D. Sommer explained that the subcommittee limited the response to two pages, feeling it should serve as a frame for reading the full Initiative, rather than an in-depth analysis. The memo highlights some of the strong points of the Initiative, as well as its flaws. The Executive Committee suggested several changes to strengthen the impact of the memo. V. Travel Reimbursements -- D. Jan Some questions have arisen this year concerning the way LAUC-B allocates the travel money. In particular there was some concern about the allocation some LAUC-B members received who are attending only ALA in SF. This resulted in a few isolated cases in which members were allocated more money from LAUC-B than they requested. D. Jan will rectify these forms. ACTION: T. Dean will send a memo to Sue Rosenblatt, explaining how these cases will be handled.
VI. Distinguished Librarian Award
-- K. Vanden Heuvel The awarding of the Distinguished Librarian Award will be postponed until the Fall.
VII. Changes to the Berkeley Guidelines
-- T. Dean The changes to the Berkeley Guidelines, submitted by CAPA and approved by LAUC-B Ex Comm, have been sent to The Vice Chancellor for approval. Copies were also sent to the University Librarian and the LAUC-B membership. VIII. Scheduling speakers for LAUC-B Executive Committee meetings -- T. Dean We may need to change the date of an Executive Committee meeting, or add an additional meeting, in order to schedule Leon Litwack. T. Dean will also try to schedule Genaro Padilla to meet with us. The next LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting will be Wednesday, March 5th, 9:00-11:00 AM, 119 Moses Hall.