Executive Committee Minutes 2/17/98

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Meeting No. 1997/98 (7)
17 February 1998
9:02 - 11:10 am, 119 Moses Hall


Present: Terry Dean, Marlene Harmon, Terry Huwe (CAPA Chair)
Corliss Lee, Andrea Sevetson, Virginia Shih, Deborah Sommer
(Chair), Christina Tarr, Linda Vida (Secretary), Jack Von Euw, Beth

Handouts: Agenda; Draft Minutes 1/20/98; Outline and Points of
Discussion for LAUC-B Meeting with Blue Ribbon's Committee External

I.  Prepare for meeting with External Advisors to the Blue Ribbon
Committee - D. Sommer
a) T. Huwe, A. Sevetson and D. Sommer met with the External Advisory Committee on Monday, February 16, 1998. D. Sommer summarized some of the discussion points from this meeting. She also reviewed the outline that had been prepared for this meeting. b) D. Sommer mentioned a 20-page report entitled "UC Berkeley Library in the 1990's: a progress report." D. Sommer will distribute copies of this report to the LAUC-B Executive Committee. (The report was subsequently released on the web at url:http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Admin/report298.html.) c) The Senate Library Committee has received a confidential draft of the Blue Ribbon Committee's report. II. The Executive Committee adjourned to the O'Neill Room at the
Men's Faculty Club and met in executive session with the External
Advisors from 9:45 - 10:30 am.
III. Announcements -- D. Sommer a) CAPA presented a list of candidates to D. Sommer to replace Ann Swartzell. D. Sommer announced that Bette Anton has been appointed to CAPA. b) One of the librarians nominated to serve on the University Librarian (UL) search committee has been formally appointed. c) The Vice Chancellor has approved the LAUC-B budget for 1997/98 except for funding requested for another LAUC-B research conference. The Vice Chancellor asked for a more detailed conference outline and evidence of other secured funding. D. Sommer may resubmit the budget request with such information at a later date. d) The LAUC Statewide Executive Board will meet on March 4, 1998 at the Office of the President, in Oakland. e) The LAUC Statewide Spring Assembly will be held at UC San Diego on May 1, 1998. f) L. Vida has not heard from Patsy Inouye (LAUC Secretary) of other LAUC Divisional minutes and will ask her if any minutes are available. g) B. Weil has sent all of The Library's to the Librarian's Office. Affiliated travel forms have been completed and returned to the applicants. IV. The MINUTES for the 1/20/98 (6) meeting were approved with
L. Vida will send these MINUTES out on the LAUC-B reflector, have them mounted on the LAUC-B website and send an announcement to Patsy Inouye. V. New Business - D. Sommer a) A. Sevetson and D. Sommer would like to change the LAUC-B budget submittal timeframe to coincide with other UCB departments. B. Weil will analyze where the funds were spent in the previous year. It may be necessary to increase the amount for room rentals due to all of the seismic upgrading. It was also suggested that LAUC-B provide more General Assistance funding for those who agree to serve on LAUC-B. ACTION) D. Sommer and A. Sevetson will draft next year's budget and B. Weil will review. b) Ex Comm agreed to co-sponsor the Special Libraries Association Distance Learning Teleconference on March 26, 1998 with the San Francisco Bay Region Chapter of SLA. Expenses for the facility and the site license for the event will be split between the two organizations. The Teleconference will be made available to all LAUC-B and SF Chapter members free of charge. ACTION) L. Vida will send out the e-mail announcement to LAUC- B members and take LAUC-B reservations. The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am. The next meeting will be on March 17, 1998 from 9-11 am in 119 Moses Hall.