Executive Committee Minutes 2/14/01


February 14, 2001

10:10 - noon

303 Doe Library



B. Anton, S. Calpestri, J. Gallwey, B. Glendenning, R. Lhermitte, P. Maughan (Secretary), B. Ogden (Chair), M. Phillips, N. Robinson, A. Youmans

ABSENT: H. Morimoto


B. Ogden will be sending out a second announcement of the Townsend Fellowship program, application deadline: March 23. S. Calpestri will look into organizing a librarian early bird on the Townsend Fellowship program.

The LAUC Statewide Executive Board met on February 2, 2001. The minutes will be distributed in the near future.

M. Phillips agreed to take minutes at the March 14, 2001 LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting.

S. Calpestri announced an upcoming talk in the Morrison Room by Ivan Illich, Visiting Scholar in Anthropology. Illich's talk, scheduled for May 2, 2001 is being given on behalf of The Library and based on his earlier work In the vineyard of the text: a commentary to Hugh's Didascalicon.

Treasurer's report - R. Lhermitte

B. Lhermitte reported the initial professional development monies have been transferred into the LAUC-B accounts. B. Ogden will ask that the additional funds (granted by virtue of the new contract) be transferred as well.

Meeting with the University Librarian B. Ogden

The Senate Library Committee toured the Public Health Library. The Public Health Dean has revised his original position and timetable somewhat as a result. The Senate Library Committee is now discussing the Business & Economics Library and plans to meet with the Business Library Committee in the near future.

Senate Library Committee Report B. Anton

George Starr presented a copy of a proposal drafted by a UC-Davis faculty member outlining a library based program on information literacy. The proposal recommends an information literacy course be required of all incoming students, at all levels, system-wide.


Librarian travel request procedures R. Lhermitte

R. Lhermitte will talk with L. Tran in Library Business Office to determine what the established procedure is for librarians seeking reimbursement: what forms are required, to whom they must be submitted for approval signature, etc.

Task force to assess current travel procedures B. Ogden

B. Ogden solicited volunteers to serve on the task force. He has proposed meeting dates for the task force of March 16, March 29, and April 6 and hopes to have the task force's recommendations ready for the April LAUC-B Ex Comm meeting.

Memo on notification of new librarian appointments P. Maughan

P. Maughan reported she had not to date received any notification of librarian appointments, retirements, or resignations following LAUC-B's January 10, 2001 letter to Barbara Kornstein and Elizabeth Leavitt requesting such notification. B. Ogden will follow up. (First notification was subsequently received from LHRD for non-affiliated librarians.)

LAUC Executive Board discussion of the "barrier step" B. Ogden

The LAUC Executive Board divided the topic of the "barrier step" into two parts: the location of the step, and the criteria for librarian performance assessment for purposes of moving beyond the barrier step. With regard to the location of the step, LAUC was advised by the Office of the President that it "is directly related to the librarian salary scale..., [a] negotiable issue which the exclusive agent has the right to negotiate over."

The criteria, however, are within LAUC's scope of activity and are under active review. The LAUC Committee on Professional Governance has been charged to review LAUC Position Paper 1, "Criteria for Appointment or Promotion to the Ranks of Associate Librarian and Librarian and Advancement to Librarian Step V" in light of LAUC discussions and the recent Librarian salary series restructure. This topic will be put on the March 14th LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting agenda for discussion with Cathy Palmer, LAUC President, who will be in attendance.


LAUC-B candidate lunches B. Anton

B. Anton reminded Ex Comm that the luncheon reservations are now under "LAUC." She asked that those attending the lunch request a receipt and forward it to her. She will include these notes in each e-mail confirming a luncheon assignment.

Visit from LAUC President B. Ogden

Ex Comm agreed to add a discussion of the "barrier step" to the March 14 agenda for our planned meeting with C. Palmer, LAUC President.

Formation of a Distinguished Librarian Award Committee B. Ogden

B. Ogden and B. Anton will work on forming the DLA Committee.

Spring Assembly dates and speaker B. Ogden

The LAUC Statewide Assembly is scheduled for April 27. P. Maughan will check on the availability of the Morrison Room for April 10, April 17 or April 24 for the LAUC-B Spring Assembly. Several names were discussed as possible speakers.

Committee to Review LAUC-B Guidelines for Librarian Review B. Ogden

B. Ogden has invited S. Trosow and B. Anton (current CAPA Chair) to review the Guidelines. He will also invite comment from other Past Chairs of CAPA.

LAUC Representation on the UL/CDL Advisory Committees B. Ogden

L. Leighton (a member of the Task Force on the Evaluation of the UL/CDL Advisory Structure) solicited LAUC's input on this issue. B. Ogden will notify L. Leighton of Ex Comm's recommendation that LAUC appointees to the UL/CDL committees be queried as to the value they saw in having a specific LAUC representation on their committee. Ex Comm also suggested that L. Snowhill, the LAUC President who recommended LAUC appointees to the committees be queried about whether she still sees a need for such representation.


In light of recent librarian retirements, the suggestion was made that LAUC

create and mail to future librarian retirees a LAUC Certificate of Appreciation acknowledging each retiree's years of service and contributions to the campus.