Executive Committee Minutes 09/10/09

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 
Thursday, September 10, 2009 

10:00 am  12:00 pm 
303 Doe Library 
Present: J. Bolstad (Recorder), M. Burnette, L. Diamond, C. Lee, S. Koskinen, R. Martinez, M. Phillips 
(Chair), S. Tao, I. Wang. 

Guests: T. Huwe, L. Jones, T. Leonard, P. Maughan. 

I. Announcements 
- The annual Fall academic review workshop will be on Oct 6th. 
- There are four librarians who will be retiring. LAUC-B should encourage all retiring librarians to apply 
for emeritus status. 
- The AFT will hold a meeting on Monday in 303 Doe Library. 
- The SDC sent out a message about a luncheon for current students and prospective library school 
students. ExComm will check with Barbara Bohl about the LAUC-B Diversity Committees willingness 
to participate and help. Barbara has agreed to come to next months ExComm meeting. 

II. Reports 
A. Treasurers Report (I. Wang) 
- The current balance is $90,357.53. 
B. Meeting with the University Librarian (M. Phillips, S. Koskinen) 
- There will be a University Librarians meeting on Sept 25th. B. Hurley will attend in place of T. 
- There has been talk of a possible faculty walk out on campus on Sept 24th. 
- M. Phillips informed T. Leonard that LAUC plans to use its carry forward money to increase 
professional development funding this year in light of the freeze/decrease in other sources of professional 
development. LAUC members can expect to receive a message stating their professional development 
allocation sometime in October after hearing from T. Leonard. 
- The ADMIN working group on Volunteers in the Library concluded that the Library has opportunities to 
use volunteer workers to mitigate the loss of GA; the group does not want to have the volunteers do the 
work of career staff. They proposed that a pilot be started in Bancroft Tech Services. 
- The Google Books conference is already blogged and online streaming should be available. 
C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (S. Koskinen) 
- The Academic Senate Library committee has not yet met. 
D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (L. Diamond for M. Phillips) 
- The Executive Board will meet via phone on the first Tuesday of every month. 
- For Statewide committees whose representatives are ending their terms, LAUC Chairs will make sure 
new representatives are appointed by Oct 1st. 
- There will only be one Statewide assembly this year (Dec 3-4 at UCB), with two speakers from the CDL 
in the morning, and hot topics in the afternoon. A LAUC professional governance committee draft 
document will be available for people to read on the subject of the UC librarian in the 21st century. 
LAUC is looking to create a blog or wiki to increase communication among libraries across all campuses. 
- Next year, LAUC should consider if it would be better to have the Statewide assembly at another time of 
the year. 
- L. Diamond will attend the Sept 25th University Librarians meeting to discuss this years LAUC 
activities. She asked for concerns or activities to carry forward to the ULs. Any members may e-mail or 
call her about Statewide LAUC issues. Future issues to be discussed at the next ULs meeting will include: 
furloughs and UC collections. There will be more discussion at the October conference call. Comments 
about LAUC-Bs experience in working with Career Compass on library position descriptions will also 
be shared. 

- Open access week is coming up. 
- L. Diamond asked each campus to talk about something that is happening. Most mentioned reductions 
in library hours and closing libraries. The UCR Diversity Committee recently held a library workshop 
for international students. 

III. New Business 
A. Guest appearance by T. Leonard 
- At the next University Librarians meeting, B. Hurley will attend in T. Leonards place. 
- T. Leonard attended the CAPA group meeting already. 
- T. Leonard quoted a Newsweek article from Feb 24, 1975, which talked about changes and investments 
in libraries over the past decades. 
B. LAUC-B Conference, October 23 (P. Maughan, T. Huwe, Committee Co-chairs) 
- The suggestion to devote the conference to undergraduates was due to previous Executive Committees. 
T. Huwe emphasized that future conferences should, like this years, cast a wide net to include people 
such as researchers in the field, and practitioners who work with relevant populations (such as, for this 
years conference, teens in high school and public libraries). 
- There are 217 people registered and 190 confirmed for the conference. It will be populated by diverse 
groups of people from all over the world. Some will include CSU librarians, school librarians, and public 
librarians. P. Maughan and T. Huwe thanked I. Wang for handling registrations. There was an open 
solicitation of presentations, and there will be several out-of-town speakers. 
- A Host Committee will cover functions such as parking, A/V, and finding volunteer bloggers. A call 
will be going out asking for volunteers. 
-The budget for the conference will be $14,614.00. 
- It was suggested that the evaluation form solicit ideas for the 2011 LAUC conference. 
C. CAPA Preview, 2009-2010 Cycle (L. Jones, Chair) 
- This year, CAPA expects to review more than 55 dossiers. 
- CAPA urges every LAUC-B member to accept ad-hoc appointments because with the large number of 
reviews this cycle, they will need many librarians to serve, especially from the Affiliated Libraries. Note 
that only members who have served on an ad-hoc committee can eventually serve on CAPA. 
- There was a discussion among CAPA members about the new statement of responsibility in the MOU. 
There will be more discussion about this in October. Because UCD has already incorporated the statement 
of responsibility, C. Lee will try and obtain sample redacted copies from them. At the next LAUC 
executive board conference call, L. Diamond will ask other campuses about the statement. 

IV. Continuing Business 
A. Housekeeping (M. Phillips) 
- All new Executive Committee members should be on the ExComm listserve. 
- ExComm meetings will take place on the second Thursday of each month, from 10-noon. M. Phillips 
will send out the calendar dates. 
B. Career Compass (C. Lee) 
-On August 31st, ExComm sent a letter stating that there were some concerns about the revisions to 
library professional job standards. A response is expected sometime in the future. 
-C. Lee added new ExComm members to the Career Compass bspace web site. Any questions should be 
directed to C. Lee. 
-L. Diamond has kept other campuses aware of Career Compass issues. 
C. Professional Development Funding (M. Phillips, C. Lee) 
- ExComm agreed with using carry forward money in the LAUC-B budget to increase professional 
development funding this year. This represents a one-time increase to spend down our carry foward 
money. This funding can now be for professional memberships to organizations as well as travel. More 
information on professional development funding and how to spend it is forthcoming on a new LAUC 
webpage. An increased amount will be announced sometime in October (see II.B above). 
D. Statewide Fall Assembly Planning (M. Phillips, C. Lee) 
- The assembly will be held at UCB on Dec 3rd. C. Lee has reserved the Lipman Room in Barrows Hall. 
LAUC-B will need to decide on a caterer by Nov 6th. 
- A Fall Assembly planning committee, chaired by R. Martinez, will handle registration, the web site, 
lunch, and reserving a block of rooms for LAUC executive board members. The committee will consist of 
3-4 people, and at least one person will work on the web site. M. Phillips will send out a general call for 
volunteers to serve on the committee. 
E. LAUC-B Fall Assembly Planning (M. Phillips) 
- There was a discussion about potential speakers for the event. Some initial ideas are: Google Books, 
someone from Library Administration, or someone from the Office of Research. Further discussion will 
continue in the future.