Executive Committee Minutes 06/11/09

LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting 
Thursday, June 11 
10 am - 12 noon 
303 Doe Library 

Present: L.Ngo, D.Eifler, J.Nelson, A.Barone, M.Phillips, S.Petrites, P.Atwood, C.Lee 

I. Announcements 

-Online elections: 3 other LAUCs are performing online elections (Survey Monkey,
UCLA election tool, etc.). Suggest to next years Executive Committee to investigate
online elections.

-July Executive Committee meeting: Likely 7/31, 10-12. C.Lee will confirm and follow-

-Mentor lunch status: C.Lee sent information in response to request from K.Leonardo.
-Diversity Committee reviving the mentoring program for staff. Possibly speaking to this
at the July Executive Committee meeting.

-August turnover meeting: Online elections, increase allocation to travel, status of Career
Compass issues, concierge for faculty (also serve librarians?), and ask CAPA to look into
accepting e-portfolios.

-UCR Chancellor has put out information regarding budget cuts. See

II. Reports A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson) Balance = $119,249.78 B. Meeting with the University Librarian (C. Lee and M. Phillips) -Career Compass: LAUC-B sent bullet points; UL will send letter. -LAUC statewide submitted letter to ULs regarding the definition of a state of financial emergency. -University of Michigan signed an agreement with Google Books; not a contract. -Concierge for faculty: can the services be extended to librarians? UL suggested LAUC- B contact Zedecks office to discuss. -Scary budget; will know more details by the end of the month. -Breslauer discussed centralization of various departments. -The Academic Personnel Office is moving to e-portfolios for peer review, following UCRs model. Is this something LAUC-B CAPA can move towards? C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (M. Phillips) -No meeting since last month. D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call: 6/5/09 -Need volunteers for LTAG & SOPAG -UCLA elections online. Discussion of process and bylaws issues. -UCD supervisors met regarding Career Compass. UCSD HR is also very interested. -Transition meeting; estimate travel costs beforehand. C.Lee booked 303 Doe and is coordinating the meeting. -Bill to put UCs under legislative control. III. Old Business A. Career Compass - update and draft bspace site C.Lee & M.Phillips discussed issues with a LA IV. C.Lee drafted a bspace site and an announcement email. Executive Committee commented on the draft text of announcement and bspace documents. C.Lee will edit and send to Executive Committee for further comment. B. LAUC-B conference: additional funding for webcasting Can LAUC-B provide funding for this purpose? LAUC statewide cant. Executive Committee voted to not provide further funding due to budget concerns. C. Professional Development - draft revised web page Executive Committee reviewed draft web page of FAQs. Executive Committee to send any further comments to C.Lee by June 26.