Executive Committee Minutes 05/18/09

LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting 
Monday, May 18 
1:30 - 3 
303 Doe Library 

Present: David Eifler, Jennifer Nelson, Corliss Lee, Margaret Phillips, Lucia Diamond 

Guest: Harrison Dekker 

Absent: Seyem Petrites, Lisa Ngo, Armanda Barone 
I. Announcements (L. Diamond) 
a. Two LAUC-B members (Nick Robinson and Marci Hoffman) were 
honored at the UCB staff awards ceremony on 5/19/09 

b. Two other UC campuses are beginning to utilize Career Compass, using 
UCB as an example. 

II. Reports 
a. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson) 
Balance = $129,531.09 

b. Meeting with the University Librarian (5/4/09) (C. Lee and M. Phillips) 
i. Many known issues with Career Compass. T. Leonard is writing a memo to 
EVCP Breslauer and invited LAUC-B to send bullet point suggestions to 
Susan Wong. LAUC-B requested a copy of the final version. 
ii. University Librarians speak monthly and have a virtual meeting every six 
weeks. Still working on shared print, next generation technical services, next 
generation Melvyl, eScholarship, etc. 
iii. Library involvement coming for the UC system-wide school of global 
iv. Faculty Senate is discussing open access. In addition, faculty are voicing 
curiosity about the Google Books settlement. 

c. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate 
(M. Phillips) 
i. Last meeting of the semester. 
ii. Chuck Eckman discussed the Stanford/UCB cooperative development. 
Received proposals for 40 subject areas. Questions regarding how this 
provides savings and if ILL would be increased heavily. 
iii. Budget allocation to GA. Reduction in security staff, circulation, and hours. 
Closing Doe on Saturdays; Moffitt will still be open. Committee member 
expressed concerns about the loss of student jobs at a time when many of 
them depend on the income. 
iv. OskiCat requires a cap on the number of books that faculty can check out 
(300). There are currently 9 who have more than 300 items checked out. 
v. OskiCat also restricts the number of times a book can be renewed. Faculty 
will only be able to renew books 3 times (which means 4 years) before 
having to bring item back in. 
vi. Beth Dupuis discussed the Moffitt renovation. 
vii. UCB faculty are planning to make an open access statement; Mary 
Firestone (ESPM), outgoing chair of the Academic Senate, will be taking 
the lead on this. 

d. LAUC Statewide Conference Call: 5/1/09 
i. Sam Dunlap participated in the UCOLASC (University Committee on 
Library and Scholarly Communication) conference call. The Library of 
the future and open access were discussed. 
ii. Continuing discussion about budget and how each UL communicates with 
respective LAUC memberships. Awaiting Fall to follow-up. 
iv. LAUC statewide executive board turnover meeting will be at UCB in 
August; statewide fall assembly at UCB in December 3-4; LAUC-B 
conference Oct 23. 
v. UC Davis peer review committee looking at the language of the MOU, 
especially with regard to the Distinguished Step. 

e. LAUC Statewide Assembly, UC Riverside-Palm Desert 5/13/09 - 5/14/09 
UCB attendees: C.Lee, M.Phillips, L.Diamond ,P. Atwood, D.Rowan, 
i. Janet Lockwood (UCOP Academic Affairs) spoke via Skype: Large cuts to 
UC expected. Cut UCOP staff by hundreds (many dispersed to campuses); 
currently hiring for 53 positions. 
ii. Mary Linn Berstrom (UCSD) update on SOPAG. Looking for an effective 
replacement for her on this committee. Consider names and send to C.Lee. 
iii. The mini grants were highly popular last year. 
iv. LTAG will be recommending ReadyTalk for web UC conferencing utility. 
v. Next Generation programs; see live blogging links and tweets; links from 
website: http://library.ucr.edu/?view=springassembly09/ 

Executive Board meeting: 

vi. Dan Greenstein  LAUC as an affiliated organization of UCOP has to 
meet certain requirements . Status of this is unclear: Is LAUC an 
affiliated organization? Sam Dunlap is drafting a letter stating whether 
this is truly applicable to LAUC. 
vii. UCSC recruitment and retention survey highlighted difficulties of 
obtaining housing, asking about mortgage loans to which faculty have 
access. UCBs Vice Provost, Academic Affairs & Faculty Welfare 
Sheldon Zedeck has previously mentioned that librarians might have 
access to some faculty benefits. These issues are handled campus by 
campus. Many CSUs and community colleges provide housing benefits to 
viii. UCLA: Regents meeting discussing of statement of financial emergency, 
which would allow for layoffs, furloughs, and other cuts. S.Dunlap will 
draft a letter of concern asking that LAUC be among the organizations 
consulted with when a state of fiscal emergency is proposed. 
ix. C.Lee discussed Career Compass at the Executive Board meeting. 


III. Old Business 

a. Career Compass  update (C.Lee) 

LAUC-B discussion points have been submitted. LAUC-B has not seen a 
copy of the letter that UL Leonard sent regarding Career Compass. C.Lee 
will discuss this at the assembly tomorrow and solicit opinions on how to 
have a broader discussion on this topic with the membership and with 
library staff in the affected job classifications. 

b. Professional Development funding - followup to brown bag 
ExComm to review the draft website and send comments to C.Lee by 6/5.. 

 LAUC-B members will soon be able to pay for professional memberships 
from LAUC-B Professional Development funding . C.Lee is coordinating 
with Library Business Services to codify this effort. 


IV. New Business 
a. LAUC-B conference: additional funding for webcasting 
(To be discussed by email.) 
b. LAUC-B web page redesign, part two: Drupal 
Guest: Harrison Dekker, LAUC-B webmaster 

-H.Dekker presented a mock-up of the LAUC-B site using Drupal. 

-Benefits include: Whoever has access can create/edit content on-the-fly without 
knowledge of markup languages (much like a blog entry). Ability to revert to 
previous version of a page. Administrator can assign users different levels of editing 
and posting privileges. 

-Each LAUC-B member could use the Profile Module to track their professional 
development activities, etc. 

-ExComm should give H.Dekker ideas about the look and functionality of the website. 
The blog and wiki projects could also be moved to the Drupal platform? All LAUC 
members could have user privileges. Look at Drupal themes and add-on features. C. 
Lee will pull together a task force, who will meet with H.Dekker by mid June and 
then make some recommendations to the Executive Committee.