Executive Committee Minutes 3/12/09

LAUC-B Executive Committee - Minutes
Thursday, March 12, 2009
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
303 Doe Library

Present: Corliss Lee, Armanda Barone, Seyem Petrites, Margaret Phillips, Paul Atwood,
Lisa Ngo

Guest: Susan Garbarino

I. Announcements

a. Townsend Library fellow will be announced shortly.
b. CAPA’s laptop has arrived.
c. LAUC-B spring assembly has yet to be confirmed.
d. Coffee with LAUC President Sam Dunlap (March 10):
i. LTAG is looking into alternatives to travel as well.
ii. LAUC statewide will be going to zero-based budgeting. Call for 2010-11
budget usage in October.

e. Q: Can Prof Dev funding be used for equipment (e.g., Kindle). A: No, although
books can be purchased for a course. Q: Is LAUC-B interested in pursuing
professional development monies for equipment, organizational memberships,
and other currently restricted uses in lieu of travel? Ongoing follow-up of
expanding methods of utilizing prof dev funding. C.Lee will contact Patty Owen
(or her replacement) at Academic Affairs to discover what is allowed at UCB.

II. Reports
A. Treasurer's Report (C. Lee/P. Atwood)
i. $88,377.48 + $45,323.79 (currently two chart strings) = $133,701.27
ii. Received FY 2008-09 budget funds.

 B. Meeting with the University Librarian (C. Lee and M. Phillips)
i. Dire budget update.
ii. Chancellor scheduling a budget meeting with all Deans.
iii. UL can’t make New Librarians reception; Chuck Eckman will say a few
words on his behalf.

 C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (M.
Phillips) – April 26
i. ARL statement on global economic crisis & ALA briefing on Google book
ii. UL Leonard reported no movement on severance incentive packages (SIP);
“dark budgets” at all campuses: considering all forms of saving costs. Q:
Does the Library expect to receive stimulus money? A: No.
iii. A member of the Committee drew attention to an article on the future of
Library websites. See LAUC-B blog to read the article and contribute to
the dialog; http://blogs.lib.berkeley.edu/laucb.php/2009/02/27/the-library-

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call: March 6
i. Email coming soon regarding travel to Palm Desert for statewide assembly.
ii. LAUC President Sam Dunlap coming to Oakland/Berkeley to meet with
UL’s and with Dan Greenstein. (Update: Visit occurred on March 10; see
Announcements above.)
iii. LAUC statewide bylaws are nearly finalized.
iv. Irvine is creating a new law school and library, likely hiring ~5-8 new
v. Sam Dunlap and Lucia Diamond (LAUC Vice-President/President-Elect)
met with Dan Greenstein about new procedures relating to LAUC-related
travel and reimbursement. Pre-authorization will be required for any out
of state UCOP funded travel (including speakers).

III. New Business
A. Alternatives to Travel Survey (L. Ngo)
What should our next steps be?

C.Lee discussed with UL Leonard. Survey results posted to LAUC-B blog. LAUC
statewide is more interested in an inventory of what technology already exists at
each campus. C.Lee will bring this up at next statewide conference call. LAUC-B
will perform an inventory, including associated costs, of software, hardware, and
“wired” rooms available at UCB. Also identify who has expertise in various
technologies and who may be willing to assist others. L.Ngo & D. Eifler will

 B. New Librarians Reception: update; details
i. March 26, 3-5pm, 303 Doe
ii. Invitations sent out and additional “new” librarians were discovered. C.Ekman
and C.Lee will provide brief introductions.
iii. Name tags.
iv. Information for new librarians to be posted to website (L.Ngo will draft)..

 C. LAUC-B web site (part one)
Should we reorganize the site and how?
See C.Lee’s emails. ExComm is assigned with reviewing the website (and other
LAUC websites) and providing suggestions for the next meeting.
(Part two in April will be about Drupal & its possibilities)

 D. Career Compass
i. Discussion of “Library Manager” and “Library Professional” classifications.
Serious concern of deprofessionalization of academic librarianship at UC.
AFT is also looking into this concern.
ii. There were librarians on the advisory committee that informed the Career
Compass library positions but the advisory committee did not write the
position descriptions.
iii. UCB is the first to go into Career Compass; other UC’s are expected to follow.
iv. ExComm is assigned to read all of the job descriptions and send commentary
to C.Lee.
v. C.Lee and M.Phillips will speak with UL Leonard and S.Wong.