Executive Committee Minutes 12/11/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee - Minutes 
Thursday, December 11, 2008 

10:00 am - 12:00 noon 
550C Moffitt Library 
Attendees: Corliss Lee, David Eifler, Armanda Barone, Seyem Petrites, Lisa Ngo, Paul 
Atwood, Margaret Phillips 

Guests: LAUC-B Committee on Research – Dean Rowan, I-Wei Wang, Marjorie Bryer, 
Imadeldin Abuelgasim, Shayee Khanka; Susan Garbarino, representative to the Statewide 
Research Committee 

I. Announcements 
A. laucweb@library email address is now active. Send website updates to 
laucweb@library; roster updates should also be sent to the LAUC-B Secretary. 
Please check your committee rosters and confirm that the membership is up to 
B. The LAUC-B blog is live: blogs.lib.berkeley.edu/laucb.php 
Visit the blog for summaries of recent conferences and assemblies, as well as 
broader issues of the librarian profession. All are encouraged to submit 
postings via the Web-form or send content to the LAUC-B Vice-Chair at 
C. C.Lee met with Kris Leonardo (LBS) to clarify process for reimbursement. 
C.Lee will confirm that ExComm members are on the same page. 
II. Reports 
A. Treasurer's Report (C. Lee for J. Nelson) 
Balance = $54,753.54 
B. Meeting with the University Librarian (C. Lee and M. Phillips) 
C. Lee and M. Phillips met with University Librarian (UL) T. Leonard on 
December 1st. Requested co-sponsorship ($5,000) of LAUC-B 2009 conference; 
still awaiting response. Confirmed that The Library has been a major co-sponsor 
in the past. General budget discussion; more cuts likely coming. University 
Librarians met and are looking into collaborative technical services efforts 
amongst the UCs. Diversity Fellow position has been frozen amidst the broader 
hiring freeze. Mass Digitization proceeds. SLASIAC is inactive for now. The 
Library currently still supplements LAUC-B travel funding. 
C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (M. 
- A. Newcomb (chair) announced UCB and Stanford are meeting to discuss 
collaborative collection development. 
- Molly Van Howling, Law School professor and committee member asked to 
present analysis of the Google lawsuit at next meeting. 
-Report on Library budget: 
-all campus departments being asked to plan for 10% budget cut for FY 2009-10. 
-Freeze in hiring: must provide core services with less staff; priority is to protect 
-Huge increase in unreturned books by non-students. 
-More fundraising to assist collections budget is necessary. 
-32% of collection budget goes towards consortia purchases (via CDL). 
D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (11/13) 
-Discussion of criteria for LAUC Statewide Assembly travel scholarships. 
-Visit the new Clearinghouse portion of the LAUC website 
( http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/clearinghouse.php ), which provides information on 
activities of LAUC at individual campuses, highlighting “UC and UC Libraries as 
Destination Place” chiefly for the purpose of recruitment. 
-Spring Assembly will be in UC Riverside’s Palm Desert 
E. LAUC Statewide Assembly (12/3) 
Official minutes will arrive via LAUC listserv. The agenda, committee reports, and 
more is available from http://lauc2008fallassembly.wordpress.com
-Janet Lockwood (Associate Director, Academic Personnel, Academic 
Advancement, UCOP) spoke to the Assembly via Skype and stated that UC 
employees will experience a required contribution (likely 2-3%) towards retirement 
as of July 1, 2009. 
LAUC Statewide Executive Board Meeting (12/4) 
-By-laws taking a long time to get through UCOP. 
-Recruitment and retention: UCOP says this is not a LAUC concern, but a Union 
issue. LAUC needs to clarify that some aspects of recruitment and retention are not 
addressed by the union but are indeed LAUC concerns. 
-Diversity Committee: Attempt at survey stymied by individual campuses. UL’s 
feel they already know what the results would be. 
-Assembly went well. 
-See blog(s) and presentations from the programs. 
-LAUC archive: What is being collected and submitted? And how to handle blogs, 
websites, etc. (Discuss with CDL re. Web at Risk project. Also see Wayback 
-Some newer member of LAUC mentioned anxiety about the budget. LAUC 
Divisional chairs will bring up this topic with their ULs and suggest that 
staff anxiety be addressed. 
-Diversity Committee adding more info to the Clearinghouse: www.ucop.edu/lauc/clearinghouse.php 
-Mini grants process has been approved. 
-Each LAUC division will survey it’s campus’ options for conferencing 
technologies in lieu of travel. Also what are the needs? Are free options (Skype, 
Google Video Chat, etc.) workable? D.Eifler and L.Ngo drafting survey questions 
and will manage the effort at UCB. 
-Spring Assembly considering: S. Calhoun (OCLC), Heather Christenson (CDL, 
mass digitization), etc. 
III. New Business 
A. Debriefing: LAUC-B Fall Assembly (11/18/08) 
Speaker was well-accepted. Logistics all went smoothly. See summary and 
comments on the LAUC-B blog: 

B. New Librarians: how should LAUC-B welcome new librarians? 
There used to be a lunch or a reception. Last few years the Chair has been having 
coffee with new librarians. There has also been a brown bag lunch. 
*C.Lee will post something to the blog and invite new librarians to post something 
about themselves. Will likely organize a small reception with LAUC-B officers and 
committee chairs sometime soon for librarians hired since 2006. 
C. Mentorship, Training, Internships, Recruitment, Retention, and related 
topics: Should the disparate groups stay informed of one another's work, and if so, 
C.Lee. will suggest that the Chairs communicate with each other. Possibly meet 
once and determine how to communicate facilitate this communication (e.g., 
listserv, wiki) and define what would be fruitful. 
D. LAUC-B Committee on Research (D. Rowan and members of the committee; 
Susan Garbarino, representative to the Statewide Research committee, 
guests) Topic: supporting LAUC-B members in their research efforts. 
-The Research Committee will write something for LAUC-B website and have 
Townsend link to it. Still attempt to get “librarian” info on the Townsend site. 
-How can we make this process better; more turnaround time, etc. The deadline 
shifted in that past couple years (from spring to fall); we still announce and host 
brownbag at the same time. Considering shifting the brownbag to late spring, 
encouraging folks to prepare applications throughout the summer. Committee will 
offer support during the application process. Possibly host another brownbag in the 
fall as a reminder. Ask Teresa Stojkov, Associate Director to speak at the spring 

In theory exercise: Executive Committee members were asked to pretend that there 
was a way to give them 10-20% relief time for research and to then brainstorm 
ways this might actually happen. 
-Retiree’s filling in 
-Using that funding to support another function in the unit 
-Just delay that work; it wouldn’t get done. This is professional development. 
-Grad students, undergrads may or may not be able to fill-in 
-Add those hours and have it dealt with in a bulk manner. For example, one week of 
two undergrads working on a project. 

It was agreed that there is so much variation in librarians duties and situations that 
there was no one way to address this issue. As a result of shifting the timeline 
earlier, the Research Committee will be available over a longer period of time to 
assist with questions about logistics, proposals, and assorted grant related issues.