Executive Committee Minutes 11/13/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee Minutes 

Thursday, November 13, 2008 
10:00 am - 12:00 noon 
303 Doe Library 

Present: Seyem Petrites, Lisa Ngo, David Eifler, Jennifer Nelson, Corliss Lee, Margaret 
Phillips, Armanda Barone, Paul Atwood 

Guests: Debbie Jan, Lucia Diamond 
I. Announcements 

a. LAUC-B Assembly: PA, MP, & JN will show early to set up; LN, SP & 
DE will stay late to clean up. Beth Dupuis will provide the welcome 
statement in the absence of Tom Leonard. The speaker will be Jenna 
Burrell (iSchool), whose research interests include the sociology of 
technology, technology and socio-economic development, ethnography, 
transnationalism and diaspora studies. 
b. Townsend lunch: Dean Rowan and others Teresa provided an excellent 
information session. Pool is now LAUC-B members and other academic 
employees. (Grad students should apply via the usual application process 
for graduate students.) There will be a discussion at a later Executive 
Committee meeting on encouraging further research opportunities for 
librarians; visit ../research/ for further 
c. LAUC-B blog: M. Phillips posted and will meet with Lisa Weber to go 
over moderation options. (See blog policy discussion below.) 
d. LAUC-B hired a student employee. laucweb@library email will be active 
e. Budget – C. Lee will submit soon. 
f. New Members: Gathering information is not streamlined. Secretary will 
check in with LHRD quarterly. C. Lee will request info about new 
librarians from LAUC-B listserv. Information should be sent to Secretary 
(P. Atwood), who will forward as need for a) online roster (Webmaster), 
b) listserv (Secretary), c) list for assembly (Chair), d) mentor (L. Ngo), 
and e) Nominations & Elections Committee, as needed. 
g. Frank Lester’s departure leaves the Professional Development Committee 
without an Affiliated representative; C. Lee will ask Shannon Supple, who 
is already a member of the committee, if she would become the Affliated 
representative (note: Supple has said yes). 
II. Reports 
a. Treasurer’s Report (J. Nelson): $62,839.47 = balance. New budget not yet 
submitted. J. Nelson will request the number of librarians who utilized 
professional development funding for the past two fiscal years. 
b. Meeting with the University of Librarian (C. Lee and M. Phillips): Met 
11/12. Hiring freeze on 19900 funds across the board. Other universities 
facing the same issue. UCOP has note on website about retirement funding. 
Chancellor is absorbing most of this year’s cuts; concerns about next year. 
Not a freeze on faculty hiring, but a slowdown. Collections are protected 
for now. Admin is talking about travel budgets, and looking for ideas to 
cut spending (e.g., videoconferencing). SOPAG discussion about 
coordinating collections and technical services. Working on enhancing 
LBL access to databases. Losing high-level deans on campus. Updated UL 
about assemblies and Townsend brownbag. 
c. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (M. 
Phillips): Budget discussion. Berkeley Foundation was going to be at The 
Bancroft Opening. Fewer students next year (2,200 fewer – unclear 
whether that’s undergrad v. grad, etc.). Library is perceived to have been 
protected over the years and also perceived to have a greater capacity for 
fundraising, which may no longer be the case. Weinstein went to 
Statewide Library Committee discussing open access issues. Nick Jewel 
gave a report on the draft UC Accountability report which is available 
online at http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/accountability/ 
d. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (rescheduled for 11/13 afternoon): 
Agenda includes discussion of Fall (UCSF) and Spring (UCR) Assemblies, 
and related budget concerns. 
III. New Business 

a. Mentor Task Force report (guests: Mentor Task Force members, Debbie 
Jan, chair & Lucia Diamond): Mission was to follow-up on one portion of 
the BILD initiative, specifically professional development for 
paraprofessionals that may be interested in becoming librarians. Utilized a 
survey to decide upon which activities to focus (see 8 activities listed on 
report). The Executive Committee thanked the committee for its hard 
work. Next step: When the Executive Committee formally accepts report, 
L. Diamond will submit to the BILD team. Report should be posted on the 
LAUC-B website, and will be part of the BILD team final report. For 
more information, visit 
b. LAUC-B blog policy (in progress): The LAUC-B blog is for discussion of 
professional issues, brief reports on conferences and meetings, etc. For 
now the blog will be moderated by the Vice-Chair/Chair elect; individuals 
should use the online form for posting. Open to any library staff member 
to post; anyone can comment.