Executive Committee Minutes 10/9/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

Thursday, October 9, 2008 
10:00am-12 noon 
303 Doe Library 

Present: C. Lee, P. Atwood, J. Nelson, M. Phillips, A. Barone, S. Petrites, D. Eifler
I. Announcements 
A. P. Atwood updating LAUC-B roster 
B. Lee working on budget 
C. Affil Assembly 11/5 at Goldberg room. Speaker will be Dr. Ken Haycock, Professor and Director 
D. LAUC-B Assembly still pending (C. Lee) 
E. SLE hired for LAUC-B: will work on website and other clerical duties 8 hrs/wk. C. Lee and H. 
Dekker are supervising. 
G. Norma Kobzina is the LAUC-B representative on the New Directions Task Force on 'library wide 
II. Report 
A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson): $65,426.86 
B. Meeting with the University Librarian (C. Lee and M. 
i. Statewide Chair & Vice-Chair met with UC University Librarians. UCOP contact for LAUC 
Statewide is has been identified and confirmed. 
a. The University Librarians discussed the LAUC Statewide Committee on Diversity proposed 
survey on recruitment and retention (previous iteration was 1998). It was felt that the information 
requested would be too time-intensive to gather, but the University Librarians indicated openness to 
suggestions on these issues. 
b. UL's interested in "experts" list of librarian's specialties; e.g., speaking Farsi. (HOTS is already 
doing this for relevant tech services, such as cataloging German materials, etc.) 
c. Charter and purpose of LAUC was discussed. 
d. Other issues discussed included mass digitization, Melvyl pilot, cooperative archiving, Elsevier 
negotiations, LBL access to subscription databases, printing on demand. 
e. Follow-up on BSTF report: A HOTS proposal for collaborative approaches in Technical Services 
is moving forward. 
C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (M. Phillips) 
i. Roster on academic senate website; visit http://academicsenate.berkeley.edu/committees/libr.html 
ii. Newcomb (Chair): issues this year – Space; Collections (idea of collaboration between 
campuses and other libraries); Staff ("demographic problem" … what kinds of hires should the library 
be thinking about?); asked for concerns from group: Fundraising (development issues); Scholarly 
iii. C. Eckman filled in for UL: discussed collections budget, which has been flat since 2001 
and every year inflation is $500,000-600,000. External funds keeping this afloat will not last. 
D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (C. Lee) 
i. Research and Prof Dev mini-grants 
ii. Ayers (UCD) is new LAUC webmaster 
iii. Statewide Assembly plans in process for December 3 at UCSF. 
iv. Sam Dunlap discussed meeting with UL's (see notes above) 
v. Mentoring; diversity and retention surveys: campuses may collect and share related 
information. Promote UC libraries as a destination; UCB and UCSC may consider creating a 
recruitment brochure. (UCI already has one.) 
vi. UCSD posted 17 recruitments last year. UCLA posted 96 in past 3-5yrs

III. Report from the LAUC-B 2009 Conference Committee (P. Atwood, D. Eifler, J. Nelson) 
The "Student Library Users: Deliver what they need – the way they want it" LAUC-B conference is 
schedule for October 23, 2009 at Clark Kerr. The tentative format will be similar to the 2007 
conference (9am-4:15pm): Keynote (Joan Lippincott – Associate Executive Director, Coalition for 
Networked Information – is confirmed), panel, breakout sessions, lunch, individual presentations, 
breakout sessions, and final keynote. The afternoon keynote is still being determined. The theme is 
influenced by the "pipeline" of students from young adults to undergraduates; their knowledge, 
experience, and needs of/from libraries. Input from the LAUC-B membership via an online survey is 
informing decisions on both format and content. 
The website is up and further information (including suggested readings and speaker bios) will be 
added shortly. Visit http://lib.berkeley.edu/LAUC/2009conference/ 
The planning committee is reporting their work to a wiki, which will be available to inform future 
conference planning efforts. In addition to the 2009 conference graphic, the committee commissioned a 
generic "LAUC-B Conference" graphic for general use. 

A proposed budget has been discussed between C. Lee and the committee co-Chairs. 
IV. New Business 
A. Query from B. Kornstein re. CAPA task force: adding another issue – during review 
process, if not advanced, how is the clock reset? For example, could the candidate go up for 
advancement the next year without it being an accelerated review. The Executive Committee approved 
adding this to the CAPA Task Force charge. Kornstein still awaiting response from Elizabeth Leavitt of 
Academic Personnel. 
B. Mentoring TF submitted a report. ExComm will discuss at next meeting. 
C. The Executive Committee reaffirmed that candidates' luncheons with LAUC-B 
representatives should continue to be an essential part of the interviewing process.