Executive Committee Minutes 6/12/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

Thursday, June 12th, 2008 
10:30am-12 noon 
303 Doe Library 
 Attendees: Lucia Diamond, Shannon Supple, Armanda Barone, Jesse Silva, 
Evelyn Kuo, Corliss Lee 

Guests: Myrtis Cochran and James Eason 

I. Announcements 
Armanda will investigate reported delays in new postings to the LAUC-B 
II. Reports 
A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson) 

LAUC-B has $103,911.70 left in the budget. This is expected to drop because of the number of 
LAUC-B members attending ALA Annual at the end of June. 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (A. Barone and C. Lee) 

Armanda and Corliss met with Tom about the BILD mentoring program. They discussed ways 
that Library Admin can show support for staff that want to participate, despite issues with low 
staffing in some units. Tom suggested that Armanda and Corliss talk with Susan Wong about 
these issues since she is the lead on staffing and training issues that the New Directions process 
unveiled. These staffing issues relate to supporting staff participation in the BILD mentoring. 
Armanda and Corliss will make sure that supervisors are able to support their staff. 

The LAUC-B internship taskforce report has been sent to Isabel 
Stirling. Isabel will take this report to Admin. 

Tom was reminded about the "Get to Know the Affiliated Libraries" program, which was 
sponsored by LAUC-B. Shannon reported that he did attend. 

Tom mentioned that Brenda Krell is retiring. He suggested that LAUC-B meet with the new 
person that is replacing Brenda shortly after that person is hired. 

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (C. Lee) 

The June meeting of the Committee on the Library was cancelled for lack of agenda items. 

D. LAUC Statewide Conference Call (A. Barone) 

The conference call took place on Friday June 6. The LAUC statewide 
transition meeting will take place on August 27, 2008. The meeting may take place at UCOP or 
virtually using Skype. The July 4th conference call has been rescheduled for July 11. 

The LAUC election closed on June 11. Jesse received the results from the election and 
announced them to ExComm. Armanda will send the results out soon. Corliss will talk with the 
newly elected LAUC-B ExComm members to let them know. 
III. Conference Update (P. Maughn/A. Barone) 
Armanda read an email from Pat Maughn: 
The committee has met once, on May 13, 2008. 
We discussed the rough draft of a conference program prepared by Terry and me, which included 
a proposal (subsequently approved by the committee) that we invite Joan Lippincott (CNI) to be 
our morning keynote speaker. Terry Huwe is taking the lead on contacting Joan. Other potential 
presenters currently under consideration and yet to be discussed/determined include: 
knowledgeable Bay Area K-12 and Young Adult Services librarians – for insights into students in 
the "undergraduate pipeline," inclusion of poster sessions on model programs, Stephen Abrahm 
(Sirsi/Dynix, subsequently suggested by Corliss Lee) Nancy Fried Foster (U of Rochester) or 
Steve Hiller (Assessment, U Washington) on assessment approaches, staff from UC 
Berkeley's Office or Student Research or Center for Studies in Higher 
Education or CSHE's SERU Project. 

Rough outline for the day, still to be refined: 

Morning keynote: Joan Lippincott - Net Generation Students and Libraries 

Morning breakout sessions: Picturing Success (examples of successful 
projects reaching student library users) 


Afternoon keynote speaker: TBD 

Afternoon breakout sessions: Assessment Projects & Strategies 

Closing remarks: Thoughts from Students 

Responsibilities for local arrangements & conference technologies, web site development, pre-
Conference survey of LAUC-B members re: conference preferences, extramural funding, and 
analysis of previous post-LAUC-B conference survey results were apportioned. A LAUC-B 
Conference wiki has been created on PB-wiki. 

The committee was unanimous in agreeing to set the date for the conference sometime during 
Fall 2009. Possible dates include: 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, and 11/6. Clark Kerr staff are holding 
these dates for us. Previous LAUC-B Conferences were held on 11/2 and 11/6 which leads us to 
believe that the 11/6 date would be good. 

We next meet on Monday, July 14, 10:00 to 12:00 in 550C Moffitt. We are open to any additional 
suggestions or questions from the Executive Committee. 

IV. CAPA Update (M. Cochran, J. Eason) 

CAPA presented an update on its activities since the LAUC-B Spring 

CAPA has reviewed 29 eligible cases, interviewed 15 candidates for 5 
positions, and reviewed 7 job descriptions. CAPA finished its review of cases last week, but is 
still meeting to resolve issues that were brought up in this year's review cycle. 

CAPA sent an invitation to meet with Sheldon Zedeck. This is his first year as Vice Provost for 
Academic Affairs, which oversees the Affiliated Libraries and CAPA wants to make sure he is 
aware of the Librarian peer-review process. 

ExComm and CAPA also discussed the annual fall workshop on the review 
process. The workshop will most likely be the same as past workshops since there are many 
factors to consider when restructuring the workshop. A workshop for review initiators was also 
mentioned, and it was strongly suggested that Tom encourage all initiators to attend the 
workshop. A repeat of a workshop done several years ago by Bill Whitson that focused on writing 
the review and dossier was also suggested. Also discussed was the potential of asking selected 
librarians for permission to share their dossier as examples, or creating an entire sample dossier 
from scratch. 

CAPA appointments for 2008-2009 were discussed. Three current members are slated to rotate 
off of CAPA, and one additional member is retiring. 

Other issues with CAPA were discussed. 

V. New Business 

Because ExComm went over its allotted time, new business has been postponed until the next 



Jesse Silva 

Librarian for Federal Documents, Legal Studies, 

Political Science and Public Policy 

218 Doe Library 

UC Berkeley 

Berkeley, CA 94720-6000 

Google Talk: jsilvaucb