Executive Committee Minutes 4/10/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting 

April 10th, 2008 
303 Doe Library 

Attendees: Armanda Barone, Corliss Lee, Jesse Silva, Evelyn Kuo, Shannon Supple, 
Lucia Diamond, Jennifer Nelson. 

Guests: Debbie Jan, Mari Miller, Virginia Shih 

I. Announcements 

Pat Maughan and Terry Huwe are conference committee chairs of the 2009 LAUC-B 
conference. There have been many volunteers for this committee. 

Armada sent an email on April 8 about travel awards for the statewide LAUC assembly 
in Irvine. 4-8 awards have been designated. 

LAUC has approved a slate of candidates for the statewide LAUC Executive Board, 
including two from LAUC-B: Lucia Diamond for President and Michael Sholinbeck for 

The Library Authors event is set for April 11 from 8:30-10am in the Toll room of the 
Alumni House. 

There is a workshop on scholarly communication on April 14. An email on this event 
was sent by Armanda on April 6. Corliss will attend. 

Lucia sent emails about BILD activities and is getting responses. 

May 2nd is the LAUC-B Spring Assembly from 8:30-10am in the Morrison Library. The 
new Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Gibor Basri will be the keynote speaker. 

Corliss will take minutes at the May ExComm meeting in Jesse’s absence. 

II. LAUC-B Committee on Research Report 2007-08 (Shih) 

Highlights for the year include the rethinking of the Townsend Center for Humanities 
Library Fellow. The Fellowship is now opened to all academic titles in the library, and 
the deadline for applying for the fellowship has been changed to match the date for the 
faculty and graduate students. 

Informational brown bag on LAUC-B research grant was held. The committee received 
1 application. LAUC-B will encourage more applicants.

The deadline for the Townsand fellowship is November 2008. ExComm suggested a 
program be held in late summer or early fall on how to apply for this program. Since this 
is the transition time for the committee, Virginia will work on setting up the basics for the 
program before the new chair takes over. 

Linda Vida will step down as LAUC statewide rep. 

II. Reports 
A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson) 

There is $123,631.57 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (A. Barone and C. Lee) 

Armanda and Corliss updated Tom on BILD activities. Tom suggested that all Diversity 
Fellow questions should go to Susan Wong. Judy Bolsted will be having a conference 
call with Susan Wong in the near future. 

Get to know Affiliated Library Program was discussed. The event will take place in the 
Morrison Library on June 12 from 8:30a-10a. The Roundtable meeting for that morning 
has been cancelled. 

ExComm noted there should be a calendar for all Library events. 

Sheila O’Rorke has been appointed new Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs. 

Everyone is excited for Gibor Basri’s talk at the LAUC-B Spring Assembly. Basri is the 
new Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion. 

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (C. Lee) 

The last meeting was April 3. Tom Isabel and Beth also attended. Since Whitney Davis 
will be the chair for his department, Tony Newcomb will become the chair of the 
Committee on the Library. 

Kathy Koshland had some questions on the use of library space. Committee stated that 
any department that wants library space needs to create a library impact statement talking 
about impact on students and faculty. 

Tom gave an update on what is going on in the library. There is lots of discussion on 
scholarly communications and the NIH and SCOAP3, a CERN project for mass 
digitization. Tom also stated there is a strong pool of applicants for the new director of 
CDL. There is no budget news until June. 

III. LAUC-B Internship Task Force (M. Miller) 

Mari presented on the work the Internship Task Force has done. A discussion took place 
on the report and ExComm thanked Mari for her and the Task Force’s work. Corliss will 
make minor changes to the checklist. When completed, Armanda will forward the report 
to Isabel Stirling, who has agreed to take the report to admin. 

IV. Affiliated Libraries Assembly update (S. Supple) 

The guest speaker was the new Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Faculty Welfare, 
Sheldon Zedeck. He has three programs that will be his primary focuses as he begins his 
tenure as Vice Provost: Concierge for new faculty-integrate into community, partner 
placement assistance to help with new faculty and their partners, and electronic reviews 
of faculty dossiers, which led to most of the discussion. He plans to pilot the latter 
program with faculty and non-senate academics, but may include librarians in the future. 
He hopes the program will standardize how the reviews are done. The affiliated 
librarians expressed their hope that all the programs be made available to librarians as 

V. Get to Know the Affiliated Libraries program (S. Supple) 

 Shannon gave an update on the program. This program will be intended for all Library 
and affiliated library staff to explain who the eleven Affiliated Libraries are and what 
they do. The event will take place on June 12 at 8:30-10am in the Morrison Library. 

VI. Documentation on mentor program E. Kuo 

Evelyn passed out documentation on the mentor program incorporating the changes 
discussed at the last meeting. Further suggestions and changes were made. 

Instructions for mentor lunch will be taken from Theresa’s documentation on LAUC-B 
interview lunches. 

VII. Bild Task force suvery results (Debbie Jan) 

Debbie passed out summary results of survey. The survey received responses from 178 
out of 400-450 staff. The BILD Committee is examining the survey results. The results 
are broken into those who have MLIS degree, MLIS student, and those interested in 
attending a library program. 

Three main topics came out of the survey: 
1. Mentoring and job shadowing. 
2. Workshops on resume writing, interviewing tips, publishing, etc 
3. Resource List 

Internships were also mentioned in the survey. 

A suggestion for a webpage linked from the LAUC-B task force page to all resources 
available and having a more general mentoring page up somewhere that links all 
mentoring programs on one page. This link should go on the Library staff page. 
ExComm noted that there are many similarities to the mentoring program previously 
presented on. Lucia and Debbie will work on a draft for ExComm. 

A topic that came up was how to encourage supervisors to allow interested staff to attend 
activities the BILD program will provide. CAPA should consider mentoring in reviews. 
Some aspects, like mentoring or job shadowing may take time and the Library needs to 
give staff time to participate. There are also connections with New Directions. 

A discussion took place on the need for supervisors to be evaluated on how they develop 
their staff. Admin will need to push this. ExComm agreed that Admin needs to strongly 
encourage supervisors to allow employees to participate. 

Armanda and Corliss will discuss these issues with Tom. 

More discussion will take place on this issue at future meetings.