Executive Committee Minutes 3/13/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

Thursday, March 13th, 2008 
303 Doe 

Attendees: A. Barone, S. Supple, J. Nelson, E. Kuo, J. Silva, T. Salazar, L. Diamond 

Guests: M. Cochran, J. Eason, K. Leonardo 

 I. Announcements 

EAL opens Monday. ExComm to have a meeting at EAL soon. 

II. Reports 
A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson) There is $125,215.04 left in the budget. 
B. Meeting with the University Librarian (A. Barone and C. Lee) 

Armanda met with Tom. Two co-chairs have been selected for the LAUC-B 2009 Conference 
planning committee: Pat Maughan and Terry Huwe. The committee will be assembled in the near 
A draft of a campus report entitled "Status of Work Life" was sent to Tom. Tom suggested the 
report be brought up with Susan Wong. Armanda has been selected for the New Directions 
Retreat and her project is the future of jobs in the University Library. This report has also been 
shared with the members of her group and they may incorporate parts of it in the 1-2 page 
spotlight paper for the New Directions Retreat. 
Overview BILD taskforce. The staff survey was sent out and the task force is working on 
compiling the results. Preliminary numbers: of the 140 responses, 50% have library degrees. 12-
14% of the responses are in Library school and many requested opportunities for professional 
development like job shadowing. A full report of the survey will be ready by the next ExComm 

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (C. Lee) 

The meeting was cancelled. 

D. LAUC Statewide 3/7 Conference Call (A. Barone) 

Topics discussed in the LAUC Statewide call included: 

LAUC elections: Few suggestions for statewide president candidates have been received and 
there are 2 candidates for secretary. The election calendar is up. 

Committee on Research and Professional Development. 6 proposals were received: 2 were 
approved; 2 were sent back for rewrite and 2 were denied. 

Statewide Spring Assembly at UCI: May 7-8, 2008. Brian Schottlander, UL from UCSD will speak 
on the future of bibliographic control. Steven Abrams of SirsiDynix will give a talk tentatively titled 
"Heading for 3.0 world: Technologies to Watch." There will be 4-6 scholarships for travel. Two 
potential topics to be discussed are the Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) and "Scope 3," 
an open access publishing project in particle physics. The LAUC conference website will be 
available soon. 

The Fall 2009 LAUC Assembly will be at UCSF. 

UL for CDL interview will be happening soon. The Statewide LAUC ExComm board has been 
invited to the interview, though CDL is not paying for travel. 

 III. LAUC-B Committee Updates 
A. Committee on Research (V. Shih) 

 This topic has been postponed until the next ExComm Meeting. 

B. Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Advancement (M. 

Myrtis Cochran and James Eason attended the meeting for CAPA. The CAPA Committee also 
includes Nick Robinson, Lynne Jones, Manual Erviti, Chris Tarr , Gary Pete. CAPA has held a 
logistics meeting and has started reviews. 29 cases have been received which is less than half 
from last year. CAPA also reviews job announcements and participates in the interview process. 
Since November 9, 2007 CAPA has participated in 9 interviews for 3 positions. CAPA has 
reviewed 2 job descriptions in this time as well, compared with 11 between January and March 
last year. 

An early bird on what peer review is, focusing on the benefit of the process, especially in light of 
the recent MOU issues was suggested. The Professional Development Committee and CAPA 
could cosponsor the event. 

CAPA is moving toward utilizing new technologies for its work A bSpace Account for CAPA 
members has been set up which is used for scheduling and templates for sample documents. In 
future years, this may be used for electronic submission of dossiers; however there may be 
privacy concerns. The point was raised that the business school uses it to house confidential 
business documents that are used in classes. A suggestion to look at how faculty reviews are 
done (do the faculty submit their reviews electronically?) was suggested. 

IV. "Get to know the Affiliated Librarians" program idea (S. Supple) 

Shannon met with TALAG and talked about an idea to host an assembly-type program as an intro 
to the affiliated libraries which would be open to all library staff, not just affiliated library staff. At 
this event, all affiliated libraries would give a 5-10 min introduction to their library/archive, 
covering what they do, collection highlights, services, etc. 

The tentative date will be sometime between June 9-12. Rita Evans and Shannon to coordinate 
the event. LAUC ExComm agreed it was a good idea and approved LAUC-B cosponsoring the 

V. LAUC Lunch Coordinator & Host Documents (T. Salazar) 

Kris Leonardo met with ExComm to discuss and clarify the changes to procedures for the LAUC-
B Job Candidate Lunches. 

The current LAUC-B ExComm Chair grants blanket approval for the current ExComm. If former 
LAUC-B ExComm members take a candidate out to lunch, approval must be from the current 
Treasurer or Chair. All paperwork must be sent to the Lunch Coordinator. 

All hosts for candidate lunches must fill out part A of the pre-approval form. For Mentor lunches, 
the Mentor Coordinator will fill out the pre-approval form. 

The Check Request form must be signed in paper regardless of pre-approval. UCB currently 
does not allow electronic signatures for this form. 

Explicit instructions to not go over the prescribed per-person rate will be included in the new 
documentation. The per-person rate is calculated by taking the sum of the food, beverage, tax, 
gratuity, service, and delivery costs and dividing it by the actual number of attendees. 

The process of setting up and paying for mentor lunches will be sorted out at the next meeting. 

IV. New Business 

Mentor program. Beth Dupuis thinks that the 5 year requirement at UCB is too harsh. This could 
potentially be changed to 5 years of professional experience, and having gone through the UC 
peer review process at least once. The time limit for a mentor to be paired with a new librarian 
will be limited through the first review cycle, which would translate into a 2-3 year commitment. 
Also, there are no official documents on the mentoring program, so Evelyn will draft a document 
for the next meeting. 

The possibility to cover membership fees from professional development fees was discussed. It 
is unclear as to what the specific UCB policies are on this issue. Armanda will investigate. 
Jesse Silva 
Librarian for Federal Documents, Legal Studies, 
Political Science and Public Policy 
218 Doe Library 
UC Berkeley 
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000 
Google Talk: jsilvaucb