Executive Committee Minutes 1/17/08

LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting 

January 17, 2008 
303 Doe Library 

Attendees: A.Barone, J.Nelson, L. Diamond, T. Salazar, S.Supple, C. Lee, J.Silva: 

Guests: J. Ronningen, K. Munro, A. Urbanic, J. McKenzie, H. Dekker, D.Rowan. 


I. Announcements 

For the LAUC-B sponsored lunches for librarian job candidates: Pre approval must be 
filled out prior to the LAUC-B lunch. Approvals must be approved by LAUC-B chair. 

An early bird on the World Cat OCLC pilot is set for this Thursday morning. 

The New Directions committee is continuing its series of speakers. The various Library 
councils are discussing New Directions. Small groups will be interviewing faculty 
members and graduate students about new directions. 

II. Reports 
A. Treasurer's Report (J. Nelson) 

$137,100.91 left in the budget. 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (A. Barone and C. Lee) – 

No report; meeting cancelled due to storm. 
C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (C. Lee) 

No meeting scheduled. 

III. 2009 LAUC-B Conference Planning (A. Barone, C. Lee and invited guests 
from the 2007 Conference Planning Committee) 

The 2007 conference committee volunteered to share their experience with the next 
committee. The committee used a wiki to keep track of tasks. No complaints on the food. 

Comments from 2007 conference were shared with ExComm. The comments were 
mostly positive with some minor issues revolving around internet access and clarification 
on the level of skill need for some of the sessions. There were no complaints on the food. 
Armanda thanked the members of the 2007 conference committee: J. Ronningen, K. 
Munro, A. Urbanic, J. McKenzie, and D. Rowan. ExComm agreed the conference was a 
huge success 

Harrison met with Corliss and Armanda to talk about some ideas for the next conference. 
An idea discussed was how students use the Library. Potential ideas included: working 
with students as presenters and participants in the conference; student presenters and a 
student key note; focus on the user; engage with students and have them do sessions with 
faculty on how the Library is used. 

Redesigning library spaces was also discussed as in idea for the conference, especially 
with the announced Moffitt revitalization project. 

The electronic library was also discussed as a potential topic. This would examine the 
library’s role in day to day archiving and management in all areas of academic research. 

ExComm will work on finalizing a conference idea and select members of a planning 
committee to move forward with the 2009 LAUC-B Conference. 

IV. LAUC-B Spring Assembly Planning 

Armanda asked for names of people to contact to be the speaker at the Spring LAUC-B 
Assembly. LAUC membership will be encouraged to send names to Armanda.