Executive Committee Minutes 4/19/07

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

Thursday, April 19, 2007
10:30 a.m. - 12 noon
303 Doe 

Present: Lucia Diamond (Chair), Armanda Barone (Vice Chair/Chair Elect), Lily 
Castillo-Speed (Past Chair), Jennifer Nelson (Secretary), Harrison Dekker (Treasurer), 
Susana Hinojosa (Library Representative), Jean Dickinson (Library Representative), 
Susan Garbarino (Affiliated Representative) 

Guests: Josh Schneider, Claude Potts 

I. Announcements 

• Claude Potts welcomed and introduced to ExComm 
• UCSF thanks Chris Tarr and Jane Rosario for helping them with their peer review 
process. Chris and Jane did a wonderful job and provided invaluable input and 
• LAUC Statewide Assembly will be held at UC San Diego on May 30th. 
• LAUC-B Spring Assembly will be held on May 1st in Morrison Library.
• The IST (Information Services and Technology) division of Berkeley’s 
Information Technologies Organization oversees four departments, one of which 
is Data Services. The Data Services department “Provides stewardship of both 
academic and administrative data, as well as tools for data presentation, 
visualization, analysis, and collaboration. Helps prepare the campus for the 
convergence of IST, Library, ETS, and appropriate external providers” (source: 
http://ist.berkeley.edu/ist-division/). The question was raised during the meeting 
of what was meant by the “Library” and how librarians are or should be involved 
in these discussions. 
• Entertainment reimbursement request form has changed! Make sure you use the 
updated Proposal that the process be changed so that the host submits the new 
form, signed and receipts to the treasurer. 

II. Reports 
A. Treasurer's Report (H. Dekker) 

Budget balance: $117,011 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (L. Diamond and A. Barone) 
• Tom Leonard had several good suggestions about how to get more nominations 
for the Distinguished Librarian award. 
• He also provided input about the upcoming LAUC-B conference and the 
Townsend Fellowship. 

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (A. 
• Distinguished Librarian award was publicized. Charles Upshaw will distribute 
call for nominations to the department chairs. 
• Tom Leonard gave an update about the NEH grant to the Bancroft Library to 
process the San Francisco Examiner photographic archive. 
• There were 15,000 visitors to the Botero Exhibit. 
• Pat Maughn discussed the proposal to reconfigure Moffit Library as teaching and 
learning space. 
• Upcoming campus colloquium announced. Topic is about building community 
and undergraduate education. It will take place May 2nd and will be sponsored by 
the Chief Information Officer and the Committee on Teaching and Learning. 
• Daniel Greenstein, University Librarian and Executive Director of the California 
Digital Library (CDL), will be assuming new system-wide responsibilities as Vice 
Provost - Academic Information and Strategic Services, reporting to Wyatt R. 
(Rory) Hume, Provost and Executive Vice President. A national search will be 
conducted for his replacement at CDL. LIBR will invite VP Greenstein to attend a 
future meeting to discuss his new duties and how he hopes to influence 
communications at UC system-wide and nationally among peer institutions. 
• UC, in collaboration with CDL, is moving forward with system-wide electronic 
Theses and Dissertation repository. University Librarians to discuss this at their 
May 27th meeting. 
• Open access policy under system-wide senate review. 
• Library collections budget was discussed, including impact of continuing flat 
budget cycles. 
• New East Asian library building discussed. Japanese cataloging is currently 
outsourced; in-house expertise needed. 
• Renovation of Law School: Larger Law/Business connection is on hold because 
of the BP/Berkeley contract. Law School has an alternative proposal which is 
currently under review. 
• Issue of shrinking library spaces on campus discussed. 

III. Statewide LAUC Professional Governance Committee (J. Schneider) 

Clarification was requested of ExComm on such matters as: 

• How often LAUC-B ExComm meets with the University Librarian; 
• How professional development funding dispersed to librarians is tracked; 
• How best to survey LAUC-B membership about how many meetings and 
conferences people attend each year for professional development, and how often 
people choose not to go because of the cost burden. 
• How best to survey LAUC-B membership about whether they have needed to take 
second jobs to supplement their income. 
• What are the funding sources and granting processes for LAUC research 
• grants? 

ExComm gave approval to survey LAUC-B membership about professional development 
funding and activities. 

IV. Report on UC March 22 conference: Changing the Culture of the Academy: 
Toward a More Inclusive Practice (L. Castillo-Speed and various attendees)
Discussion delayed to May meeting V. DLA Committee (L. Castillo-Speed) Discussion delayed to May meeting VI. Townsend Center Library Fellow guidelines (L. Diamond) Discussion delayed to May meeting VII. LAUC-B and LAUC Spring Assemblies planning (L. Diamond) Discussion delayed to May meeting VIII. New Business None discussed at this time IX. Next Meeting (May 10, 10:00 a.m. - noon, 303 Doe) • Proposal to standardize entertainment reimbursement process for LAUC-B activities. New process will be voted on at next meeting. • Agenda items not discussed at this meeting will be added to May’s agenda.