Executive Committee Minutes 11/16/06

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

Thursday, November 16, 2006
10:30 - 12 noon
303 Doe 

Present: Lucia Diamond (Chair), Armanda Barone (Vice Chair/Chair Elect), Lily 
Castillo-Speed (Past Chair), Jennifer Nelson (Secretary), Harrison Dekker (Treasurer), 
Susana Hinojosa (Library Representative), Jean Dickinson (Library Representative), 
Susan Garbarino (Affiliated Representative). 

Guests: Judy Bolstad, Barbara Kornstein, Shannon Supple 

I. Confidential (10:30-10:45 a.m.): Appointment of members to Committee on Diversity 

ExComm was pleased at how many people volunteered to be on the Committee on 
Diversity. Since there are not enough open slots on the committee to accommodate 
everyone who volunteered, discussion focused on how those who do not end up being on 
the committee can nonetheless participate in other projects regarding diversity issues. 

II. Announcements  none at this time 

III. Reports 

A. Treasurer's Report (H. Dekker) 

 Balance as of 11/15/06 is $44,662.00. 
 Travel spending is consistent with past years. 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (L. Diamond and A. Barone) 

 Discussed the Statewide Fall Assembly that took place at Davis 11/14/06, 
including the introduction of the interim librarians-UCOP liaison, Gary Lawrence 
(Director of Library Planning and Policy Development), who has replaced Myron 
 Tom Leonard was also pleased to hear about the enthusiasm and the number of 
volunteers for the Committee on Diversity. 
 ExComm expressed concern that recent job announcements have not been written 
in a uniform way; intends to work with CAPA on reviewing them; look into 
clarifying process for posting jobs and perhaps create template for job 
 Sue Koskinen to write an additional memo to LAUC-B membership following up 
on issue of review of already-distinguished librarians at top ranks, taking into 
account notes in the Academic Personnel Manual and clarifying language and 
 Congratulations to Amy Kautzman who has accepted an AUL position at Davis. 
We are pleased that she will still be part of the UC community. 

C. Committee on the Library, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate (L. 
Diamond) Thursday Nov. 9th. 

 Tom Leonard gave update about library construction (Doe Annex and East Asian) 
and invited people to arrange for a tour. 
 Graduate students preparing a survey about graduate student life at Berkeley. 
Committee on the Library to contribute questions about the library. Graduate 
Student Representative, Rebekah Arendt, was referred to Pat Maughan to discuss 
writing of surveys. 
 Whitney Davis reported on his meeting with the Affiliated Libraries (Oct. 31st). 
Librarians concerns are the same as the Academic Senates. Some common 
issues are: 
o Recruitment 
o Space (on the agenda for the January meeting) 
o Communication with University and Faculty 
o PI status. (The committee intends to follow through soon on the PI status 
issue; Lucia will survey other campuses regarding this issue and will 
report back to Whitney.) 

D. LAUC Fall Assembly in Davis, Nov. 14 (L. Diamond, A. Barone, J. Nelson, 
S. Garbarino) 
 Statewide secretary will send out minutes; be on the look out for those. 
 Miki Goral gave brief history of LAUC. The history of LAUC can be 
found on the LAUC Statewide website 

E. ExComm Chairs meeting with CAPA Chair (L.Diamond) 
Sue will send out email (see 4th bullet point under B.) 

IV. Committee on Diversity (J. Bolstad and L. Castillo-Speed)

A. Report on ALA Joint Conference of Librarians of Color 

 Lily Castillo-Speed and Judy Bolstad attended ALAs Joint Conference of 
Librarians of Color (JCLC) held on October 11-15 in Dallas, Texas. See Judy 
Bolstads full report here 
Diversity issues are different between library staff and librarians. Start recruiting when people are just beginning library school. Suggestion to be more pro-active with San Jose State. Evaluate what recruitment strategies have been implemented at Berkeley. Suggestion to get more involved with ALA placement center and proactively interview for jobs. Have job listings better timed with appropriate national conferences. B. Draft Report on hiring procedures The Committee on Diversitys report, Report on Current Procedures for Hiring New Librarians, was accepted, with the thanks of ExComm for the work done. Report can be viewed here: ..DiversityCommReportFinal.pdf
At our December meeting we will discuss next steps to pursue. C. Future direction for committee Not discussed at this time V. New Business not discussed a this time VI. Agenda for December Meeting (LAUC-B 2007 conference)