Executive Committee Minutes 8/31/06

Minutes Meeting No. 12 

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

August 31, 2006 
10:00 am  12:00 noon 
303 Doe 

Present: Lily Castillo-Speed (Chair), Lucia Diamond (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Chris Tarr (Past 
Chair), Brian Quigley (Secretary), Harrison Dekker (Treasurer), Manuel Erviti (Library 
Representative), Teresa Mora (Library Representative), Rita Evans (Affiliated Representative), 
Armanda Barone (Incoming Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Jenny Nelson (Incoming Secretary), Jean 
Dickinson (Incoming Library Representative), Susana Hinojosa (Incoming Library 
Representative), Susan Garbarino (Incoming Affiliated Representative) 

Guests: Kathryn Klar, Lee Leighton, Michelle Squitieri, Shannon Supple 

I. Announcements 

L. Diamond: Lily and Lucia attended the statewide turnover meeting, at which Lise 
Snyder (UCLA) became President. The LAUC Fall Assembly will be held at UCD in 
November. Delegates will be Lucia, Armanda, Jenny, and Susan. 

L. Castillo-Speed: Norma Kobzina and Corliss Lee were appointed co-chairs of the 
Task Force on The Library-iSchool Relationship. The charge will be discussed at 
the next ExComm meeting. 

L. Diamond: Three systemwide advisory groups have vacancies for LAUC 
representatives: SOPAG, LTAG, and SLF. Applications are due by Friday, 
September 15. 

II. Reports 

A. Treasurer's Report (H. Dekker) 

Balance as of August 31 is $53,546. 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (L. Castillo-Speed/L. Diamond) 

Lily and Lucia met with UL Tom Leonard on August 29. They discussed several diversity 
issues. Susan Wong has been working on the diversity fellowship proposal for the 
Berkeley Initiative for Leadership on Diversity (BILD), and she will also investigate the 
ARL Leadership & Career Development Program for mid career librarians from 
underrepresented racial and ethnic groups (http://www.arl.org/diversity/lcdp/). LAUC-B 
will sponsor Judy Bolstad, incoming chair of the Committee on Diversity, to attend the 
Joint Conference on Librarians of Color in October. 

III. Continuing Business 

A. Re-cap of LAUC-B Business for 2005-2006 

Lily reviewed the ongoing projects and goals accomplished from 2005-2006, highlighting 
progress made on our issues and goals for this year. The Recap of LAUC-B 2005-2006 
Business is appended to the end of these minutes. 

Lily thanked the outgoing members of ExComm for their service and Randy Brandt for his 
continuing role as LAUC-B web manager. 

IV. New Business 

A. Discussion with UC-AFT 

Kathryn Klar (Local President) and Michelle Squitieri (Field Representative) attended the 
meeting on behalf of UC-AFT Local 1474. The discussion served to clarify the roles and 
goals of LAUC-B and UC-AFT, to see where they converge and where they diverge. 
Common interests include equity issues and improved communication on what librarians 
need. LAUC-B members can visit the UC-AFT Local 1474 website (http://berkeleyaft.org/) 
for more information on collective bargaining. 

B. Turnover of Officers 

The new LAUC-B Executive Committee took office: 

Lucia Diamond  Chair 

Armanda Barone  Vice Chair/Chair-Elect 

Lily Castillo-Speed  Past Chair 

Jenny Nelson  Secretary 

Harrison Dekker  Treasurer 

Jean Dickinson  Library Representative 

Susana Hinojosa  Library Representative 

Susan Garbarino  Affiliated Representative 

Lucia reviewed officer duties and upcoming issues for ExComm. The committee decided 
that LAUC-B committee turnover dates should match statewide turnover: ExComm 
(September 1), LAUC-B Committees & Statewide Representatives (October 1), and 
CAPA (November 1). 


Next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21, 10:30am 
12:00pm, 303 Doe Library. 


Issues and Goals for 2005-2006 



Internship Task Force 

SIMS/Library Task Force 

Emeritus Info. on LAUC-B Web Site 

Regularization of the Budget Process 

Diversity Fellow 

Diversity Report 

LAUC Consultation with Tom Leonard on Librarian Succession 

LAUC-B Conference 

LAUC-B Committee Organization (web sites, calendars, etc.) 

Communication between ExComm and other LAUC-B Committees 

Improvement of DLA Committee Procedures 

Improvement of LAUC-B Research Committee Procedures--comments need to be forwarded to 
Berkeleys Statewide Rep to Professional Development and Research Committee. 

SDC/LAUC Collaboration to Increase Staff Development Funding (awaiting proposal) 

Goals Accomplished 

UC-AFT/Union Cooperation 

Link to UC-AFT Web Site on LAUC-B Web Site 

Meeting with CAPA 

Chancellor Speaking on Diversity at Spring Assembly 

Increase in Professional Development Funding by $75 

Naming of Conference Committee 

DLA Award/Ceremony 

New Librarian Reception, March 15 

Daniel Greenstein at Fall Assembly 

Affiliated Libraries Assemblies (focus on digital librarianship) 

Bibliographic Services Task Force Response 

Statement on Librarian Retention 

The LAUC-B Committee Service History page has been posted to the Nominations and Elections 
Committee website (../nec/). This page is password-protected. 

Librarian Attendance at Chancellors Diversity in Action Forum 

Sponsorship of National Library Workers Day Event 

Pay Equity Early Bird Sponsorship 

Sponsorship of Deirdre Mulligan presentation on Google Book Search