Executive Committee Minutes 5/11/06

Minutes Meeting No. 9 

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

May 11, 2006 
10:00 am – 12:00 noon 
303 Doe 

Present: Lily Castillo-Speed (Chair), Lucia Diamond (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Chris Tarr (Past 
Chair), Brian Quigley (Secretary), Harrison Dekker (Treasurer), Manuel Erviti (Library 
Representative), Rita Evans (Affiliated Libraries Representative) 

Absent: Teresa Mora (Library Representative) 

Guests: Mari Miller, Jennifer Nelson 

I. Announcements 

L. Castillo-Speed: Several successful events took place recently: the Affiliated 
Libraries Assembly, the National Library Workers Week Event, and the 
Chancellor’s Diversity in Action Forum (with a good turnout from LAUC-B 

II. Reports 

A. Treasurer's Report (H. Dekker) 

Balance as of May 10 is $10,667.57. Though we believe we have not, Harrison will 
confirm whether LAUC-B has received its distribution for this fiscal year. 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (L. Castillo-Speed/L. Diamond) 

Lily and Lucia met with UL Tom Leonard on April 27. They discussed the LAUC-B Spring 
Assembly, the Diversity in Action Forum, and the letter from Social Sciences Council on 
librarian succession. 

C. Academic Senate Library Committee (L. Diamond) 

Lee Leighton spoke to the committee about the RLG/OCLC merger and the LC series 
cataloging changes. In response to faculty questions, the committee also discussed 
search tips for finding series in the catalog. The committee approved a name change for 
the University Committee on Library to the University Committee on Libraries and 
Scholarly Communication, as long as it does not conflict with the Office of Scholarly 

III. Continuing Business 

A. LAUC Elections 

The slate was announced at a membership meeting on May 1, and the Nominations and 
Elections Committee is ready to proceed with the election. 

B. LAUC-B Committee Procedures/Committee Website Templates 

Rita presented a revised draft of the LAUC-B Committee Web Pages document. 
ExComm recommended a few minor changes. 

Action Item: Rita will revise the document then send it to the committee chairs, with 
specific suggestions when appropriate. 

C. LAUC-B Conference Committee 

Jean McKenzie, Karen Munro, and Allan Urbanic have volunteered to serve on the 
conference planning committee. ExComm agreed that a few more volunteers were 
needed. ExComm also agreed that the conference planning committee would decide 
whether to move the conference to Fall 2007. 

Action Item: Lily and Rita will talk to a few more potential volunteers. 

D. Research Committee Update 

ExComm discussed the Research Committee’s proposals on forums for LAUC Research 
Grant recipients to discuss their projects. ExComm agreed that the LAUC-B Fall 
Assembly would be one possibility, where projects could be briefly presented. 

Action Item: Lily will ask David Sullivan, LAUC-B representative to the statewide 
Research and Professional Development Committee, to forward our comments from the 
April meeting to the statewide committee for discussion. 

E. Further Recommendations for DLA Committee 

Postponed until next meeting. 

F. Further Recommendations for Committee on Diversity 

ExComm members can continue to send recommendations to Dayna Holz, chair of the 
Committee on Diversity. 

G. LAUC-B Spring Assembly 

ExComm reviewed the agenda for the LAUC-B Spring Assembly. Lily discussed ideas for 
her Chair’s Report. 

Action Item: Brian will send out the committee reports to the membership. 



H. LAUC Statewide Spring Assembly 


The LAUC Spring Assembly will be held at UCLA on June 1. Information about 
registration and travel can be found on the website at 

IV. New Business 


A. Planning for Meeting with CAPA 


ExComm agreed to reschedule two upcoming meetings, which are now tentatively set for 
Friday, July 14 and Thursday, August 31. ExComm discussed the upcoming meeting with 
CAPA in July and will continue planning at the next meeting. 


Action Item: Brian will ask Randy to update the calendar of ExComm meetings. 



B. Task Force on Library Internships Update 


Mari Miller requested this item be added to the agenda. The task force has revised the 
draft guidelines and is working on the checklist, and then they will solicit input from 
throughout the library. Until the guidelines and checklist are approved, units will continue 
to follow their existing practices. 


Action Item: Mari will solicit comments from library staff about the draft guidelines and 





Next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be held on Thursday, June 8, 10am -12pm, 303 Doe