Executive Committee Minutes 2/9/06

Minutes Meeting No. 6 

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting 

February 9, 2006 
10:00 am – 12:00 noon 
303 Doe Library 

Present: Lily Castillo-Speed (Chair), Lucia Diamond (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Chris Tarr (Past 
Chair), Brian Quigley (Secretary), Harrison Dekker (Treasurer), Manuel Erviti (Library 
Representative), Teresa Mora (Library Representative), Rita Evans (Affiliated Libraries 

Guests: Dayna Holz, Dean Rowan 

I. Announcements 

ExComm appointed Susan Garbarino to fill the vacancy in Chair-Elect of the 
Committee on Affiliated Libraries Affairs. The Affiliated Libraries will need to elect 
both Chair and Chair-Elect in the next election. 

L. Castillo-Speed: The LAUC Task Force on the Instructional Role of Librarians will 
be conducting a survey from February 14 to February 28. 

II. Reports 

A. Treasurer's Report (H. Dekker) 

Balance as of December 31 is $24,596.73. Harrison proposed a future agenda item on 
the budgeting process. He also noted that future treasurers should be set up with BAIRS 
access for running reports. 

B. Meeting with the University Librarian (L. Castillo-Speed/L. Diamond) 

Lily and Lucia met with UL Tom Leonard on February 3. They discussed the diversity 
fellowship, the UC-AFT website, the Bibliographic Services Task Force (BSTF) report, 
the new librarian reception and local travel reimbursements. Admin is supportive of the 
Diversity Fellowship, but LAUC-B needs to investigate possible funding sources. Tom 
saw no significant problem with linking to the UC-AFT website as a source for further 
information. According to University policy, local travel can only be reimbursed under 
extenuating circumstances approved by the chancellor or his designee. 

C. Academic Senate Library Committee (L. Diamond) 

The Library Committee has not met yet this semester. 

III. Continuing Business 

A. Professional Development Fund Allotment for 2005-2006 

No news on the budget yet. LAUC-B members can expect at least as much as last year 
($700), so they can be reimbursed up to that amount for now. 

Action Item: Harrison will send an email to LAUC-B members explaining the situation. 

B. New Librarian Reception 

The New Librarian Reception has been scheduled for March 15 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in 
the Morrison Library. 

Action Item: Brian will arrange catering. 

Action Item: Brian and Lily will draft a flyer for the event. 

C. LAUC-B Conference 

ExComm expects the conference to be held in Spring 2007. The conference will be 
geared toward librarians. Harrison will work with the committee to refine the conference 
topic (Library 2.0). Discussions will continue at our next meeting. 

Action Item: Harrison will draft a charge for the conference planning committee. 

Action Item: Lily will call for volunteers once the charge is approved. 

D. LAUC-B Committee Webpages 

ExComm discussed the template distributed by Rita. Committees should include 
information on policies and procedures, but the Policy and Procedures Manual 
(../ppm/) is out-of-date. ExComm agreed that each 
committee should review and update its section of the manual. 

Action Item: Rita will revise the template then send it to ExComm for discussion. 

E. Task Force on Library Internships 

ExComm approved the task force charge prior to the meeting. Mari Miller will chair the 
task force. ExComm needs to appoint the other members. 

Action Item: Lily will call for volunteers. 

IV. New Business 

A. Upcoming Programs 

Dean Rowan, Chair of the Committee on Professional Development, updated ExComm 
on its upcoming programs. Deidre Mulligan will be discussing “Google Book Search, 
Libraries and Copyright” on February 23, 8:30-10:00 a.m., in the Morrison Library. The 
committee is still discussing its program on the BSTF report. 

B. Committee on Diversity Update 

Dayna Holz, Chair of the Committee on Diversity, updated ExComm on its charge to 
investigate the librarian recruitment process at Berkeley. The committee interviewed 
several unit heads, as well as representatives from LHRD and CAPA, about their hiring 
practices. The questions addressed job descriptions, job postings, candidate selection 
processes and search committees. ExComm agreed that the report should include both 
narrative and data. The committee should include its recommendations, as well as 
appendices about peripheral issues mentioned in the interviews (e.g., equity). 

Action Item: The Committee on Diversity will submit its report to ExComm by March 9. 

C. Planning for Spring Assembly 

The LAUC-B Spring Assembly should be scheduled for late April or early May. Possible 
speakers include Chancellor Birgeneau, Christina Perez (Office for Faculty Equity), 
Rosina Becerra (Chair of the President’s Task Force on Faculty Diversity) and Gibor 
Basri (Berkeley Representative on the President’s Task Force on Faculty Diversity). 
ExComm agreed to invite the Chancellor to speak about the libraries and his diversity 

Action Item: Lily will invite the Chancellor to be the speaker. 

D. UC-AFT Information through LAUC Outlets 

ExComm agreed to link to the UC-AFT Local 1474 website from the LAUC-B website. 
The links will state that “Issues of collective bargaining are addressed by UC-AFT Local 

Action Item: Brian will send the updates to Randy Brandt. 

E. AUL Interviews 

ExComm will be hosting the candidates for lunch. 


Next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be held on Thursday, March 9, 10am -12pm, 303 Doe