Executive Committee Minutes 11/10/05

Minutes Meeting No. 3 

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
November 10, 2005 10:00 am – 12:00 noon 303 Doe Library Present: Lily Castillo-Speed (Chair), Lucia Diamond (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Chris Tarr (Past Chair), Brian Quigley (Secretary), Manuel Erviti (Library Representative), Teresa Mora (Library Representative), Rita Evans (Affiliated Libraries Representative) Absent: Harrison Dekker (Treasurer) I. Announcements L. Diamond: Upcoming events include the 10 Million Volumes Reception (11/15, 4:00-6:00, Morrison Library) and Roger Hahn’s new book signing (11/15, 5:30-7:30, UC Press). Roger Hahn is a member of the Academic Senate Library Committee. L. Castillo-Speed/C. Tarr: The Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly and the Distinguished Librarian Award reception were both successes. II. Reports A. Treasurer's Report No report. B. Meeting with the University Librarian (L. Castillo-Speed) The meeting was postponed until November 15. C. Academic Senate Library Committee (L. Diamond) Lee Leighton spoke to the committee about technical services. The committee is interested in hearing about different operations within The Library and will be inviting other librarians and administrators to speak to them. The committee also discussed (1) the proposed academic commons building for Law and Business, (2) CalNet authentication for all public computers and (3) the “Open Letter to All University Presidents and Provosts Concerning Increasingly Expensive Journals” by Ted Bergstrom and R. Preston McAfee: http://www.hss.caltech.edu/~mcafee/Journal/OpenLetter.pdf. III. Continuing Business A. SIMS Task Force Report ExComm discussed the report but decided to ask for more information before issuing a response. The task force co-chairs will be invited to our next meeting to provide background and answer questions. Action Item: Lily will invite Norma Kobzina and Corliss Lee to our next meeting. She will also invite the LAUC-B membership to attend or share their comments via email. Action Item: Brian will post the report on the task force’s website. B. Goals and Priorities Statement ExComm completed its discussion on goals and priorities for 2005-2006, recommending a few revisions to the draft document. The final statement on “Issues and Goals for LAUC-B 2005-2006” will be distributed at the Fall Assembly. ExComm will pursue these goals throughout the year. For example, ideas about the distribution of travel funds will be discussed at a later meeting. Action Item: Lily and Brian will revise the draft document. Lily will distribute the final statement to the membership, and Brian will post it to the website. C. Event Co-Sponsorship Requests Lily reported on the Pay Equity Forum. ExComm discussed the need for better communication and discussion of co-sponsorship opportunities, which relates to our goal of improved communication with LAUC-B committees. It was suggested that we recommend turnover meetings between new and past chairs of committees. D. LAUC-B Fall Assembly ExComm discussed and approved the agenda for the Fall Assembly on November 15. Action: Lily will revise and distribute the agenda. Action: Brian will send a list of new members to Lily. E. LAUC-B Conference Topics Discussion ExComm discussed possible topics for the next LAUC-B Conference in Spring 2007. We agreed to explore some aspect of “digitization projects and the evolution of librarianship” as our topic. Representatives from area companies (Google, Yahoo, RLG) could be invited to present or participate. A planning committee will need to be appointed. Action: Brian and Harrison will refine the topic and discuss possible chairs for the planning committee. IV. New Business A. LAUC Assembly The LAUC Assembly will be held December 1 at UC Santa Cruz. The agenda will be set during a conference call on November 10. Action: Lily will send details of the agenda to ExComm. B. Guests to Invite to ExComm Meetings The following guests will be invited to future ExComm meetings: - CAPA: Mary Ann Mahoney, Chair - SIMS Task Force: Norma Kobzina and Corliss Lee, Co-chairs - Distinguished Librarian Award Committee: Allan Urbanic, Chair ***** Next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be held on Thursday, December 8, 10am -12pm, 303 Doe Library.