Executive Committee Minutes 4/14/04

Minutes Meeting No. 8 April 14, 2004

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting April 14, 2004

10:00 - 12 noon

Doe Library Rm. 303

Present: Allan Urbanic, Myrtis Cochran (facilitator), Chris Tarr, Linda McLane, Lincoln Cushing, David de Lorenzo, Paul Atwood, Jane Rosario (recorder). Guest: Susana Hinojosa.

Absent: Ilan Eyman.

  1. Announcements

  2. Allan Urbanic reported that Distinguished Librarian Award Committee Co-chairs Norma Kobzina and Phyllis Bischof will have the procedures for the Distinguished Librarians Award ready to present to ExComm in May 2004.

    Kathleen Moazed, our Spring Assembly Speaker, will visit the Library on April 21, 2004 for a tour and orientation. Allan will brief her before the Assembly.

    Lincoln Cushing reported that preparations are under way for the Affiliated Libraries Spring Assembly.

  3. Reports
  1. Treasurer's Report - L. McLane

  2. Balance is $94,182.93

  3. Meeting with the University Librarian - A. Urbanic/C. Tarr
Allan met with UL Tom Leonard on April 5, 2004. They discussed the need to establish a new confidential meeting room for CAPA and access to files held by LHRD. They also discussed the peer review process; many people have voiced an interest in streamlining the procedure. Allan suggested setting up informal "brown bag" lunches so that interested parties could meet with Tom to discuss this issue.
C. Senate Library Committee Report - C. Tarr

The Senate Library Committee continues to discuss budget issues and proposed solutions (such as incentive programs). Nicholas Jewell (School of Public Health) and Dennis Levi (Optometry School) discussed scholarly communication and e-publishing. Jewell edits an e-journal using BEPress (Berkeley Electronic Press). Levi is an editor both at Elsevier and of an e-journal. The committee for the scholarly communications conference has drafted its charge.
D. LAUC Executive Board Conference Call A. Urbanic

The conference call scheduled for April 13, 2004 was cancelled.
III. Continuing Topics
  1. LAUC-B Position on Librarian Layoffs D. de Lorenzo

  2. The statement drafted by David de Lorenzo was discussed. Susana Hinojosa, UC-AFT representative, was present and joined in the discussion.

    Action: ExComm members will review the statement and make revisions before May 1st. Allan will prepare supporting appendices.

    Lincoln Cushing met with The Affiliated Libraries Administrative Group (TALAG) and apprised them of the situation with the compiling of ARL statistics (to wit: Affiliated Librarians are not currently included in the statistics compiled from UC Berkeley). Allan Urbanic reported that he had sent Patti Owen, Director of Academic Personnel, information on how the statistics should be gathered.

  3. Affiliated Librarians and ARL Statistics Reporting

    Further action on this issue appears to be at an impasse; communications between Campus Labor Relations and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research are stalled.

    Action: UC-AFT will be asked to step in to attempt a resolution.

  4. Principal Investigator Status for Librarians
  5. Emeritus Status for Librarians -- Benefits
A discussion of emeritus benefits for librarians continued (was earlier discussed at the December meeting).

Action: ExComm will come up with a summary of benefits in preparation of the May 5th assembly.

  1. Other Business
  1. Planning for the LAUC-B Spring Assembly
As announced, Kathleen Moazed, lobbyist in Sacramento for UC Berkeley, will be the speaker. Catering and agenda topics were discussed. The Spring Assembly will be held Wednesday, May 5, 2004, 3:30pm to 5pm in the Morrison Room.

Next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 12, 2004, 10:00am to 12:00 noon in Room 303 Doe Library.