Executive Committee Meeting 3/10/04

Minutes – Meeting No. 7 – March 10, 2004

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting March 10, 2004

10:00 - 12 noon

Doe Library – Rm. 303

Present: Allan Urbanic, Myrtis Cochran, Chris Tarr (facilitator), Linda McLane, Lincoln Cushing, David de Lorenzo, Paul Atwood, Jane Rosario (recorder). Guests: Rita Evans, Barbara Glendenning, Phoebe Janes, Jim Ronningen.

Absent: Ilan Eyman.

  1. Announcements



    Allan announced that LAUC has new stationery, which incorporates UC Merced into the letterhead.

  3. Reports
  1. Treasurer's Report - L. McLane



    Balance is $30,554.21

  3. Meeting with the University Librarian - A. Urbanic/C. Tarr
Terry Huwe, incoming LAUC Statewide President, accompanied Allan and Chris to their regular meeting with University Librarian Tom Leonard on March 1, 2004. Terry discussed issues he will address during his upcoming tenure, including the distinguished step for librarians, working more closely with the University Librarians, improving LAUC assemblies, a white paper series, and the "union list" of all LAUC members.

Tom had no additional information regarding the budget.

C. Senate Library Committee Report - C. Tarr
Chris reported that the Senate Library Committee held more discussion about the issue of scholarly communication. There was also discussion about SLASIAC's proposal regarding "deep resource sharing;" the Senate Library Committee drafted a resolution in opposition to this. Regarding the proposed LAUC conference on scholarly communication, AUL Patricia Iannuzzi will draft a charge for the planning committee. Elaine Tennant expressed concern about the impact of the budget situation on Affiliated Libraries.

III. New Topics

  1. LAUC-B Position on Librarian Layoffs – D. de Lorenzo



    David suggested that LAUC draft a statement encouraging the University Librarian and Library Administration to avoid layoffs of library staff. David noted that since the budget cuts of the 1990s, the loss of professional positions within the library has been permanent.

    Action: David will draft a statement regarding this and submit it to ExComm before the end of March.

  3. Round Robin with LAUC-B Committee Chairs
  1. Committee on Professional Development, Jim Ronningen, Chair:



    Jim reported on the committee’s work, including the well-attended CAPA review Early Bird last fall. Jim announced the upcoming Early Bird on the hybrid venture of the San Jose Public Library and San Jose State Libraries (http://www.sjpl.lib.ca.us/), which will be on March 25.



    Phoebe reported that the committee is working on securing candidates for the upcoming election and coordinating dates with the Statewide LAUC election.

  3. Nominations and Elections Committee, Phoebe Janes, Co-Chair:


    Rita reported on the November event that the committee held to raise awareness about the Townsend Center. She also noted that applications were in for the LAUC Statewide Research Grants. ExComm agreed to look into discrepancies between the Statewide LAUC Research Committee structure and the LAUC-B Research Committee structure.

  4. Committee on Research, Rita Evans (reporting for David Sullivan, Chair):
  5. Committee on Academic Promotion and Advancement (CAPA), Barbara Glendenning, Chair:
Barbara reported that CAPA has received a record number of dossiers to review this year, approximately 60. Barbara also reported that since CAPA lost its review space on the 4th floor of Doe Annex when the Library Human Resources Department (LHRD) moved, CAPA has been working out of space in the Development Office, which will be lost when the Annex is decanted for seismic retrofit. Barbara stressed that CAPA must find a new space adjacent to LHRD for its work.
  1. Affiliated Librarians and ARL Statistics Reporting



    Lincoln is pursuing having Affiliated Librarians added to the Association of Research Libraries statistics reporting.

    Action: Allan will pursue this with Susan Wong (LHRD) and UL Tom Leonard.

  3. Principal Investigator Status for Librarians
Lincoln is trying to clarify the implications of granting Principal Investigator status to librarians. The manager of UCB Labor Relations, Debbie Harrington, has been asked to assist EVC for Research Bob Price integrate the MOU PI provisions in UCB policy, however to date she has not responded.

Action: Allan will request action on behalf of LAUC-B ExComm.

  1. Other Business
None to report.

Parking Lot: Emeritus Status for Librarians – benefits


Next LAUC-B ExComm meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 10:00am to 12:00 noon in Room 303 Doe Library.