Executive Committee Meeting 12/17/03

  1. Minutes – Meeting No. 4 – December 17, 2003

    LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting

    December 17, 2003

    10:00 - 12 noon

    Goldberg Room, Boalt Hall

    Present: A. Urbanic, C. Tarr, M. Cochran, L. Cushing, P. Atwood, D. de Lorenzo (Facilitator), I. Eyman, J. Rosario (Recorder)

    Absent: L. McLane

    Guests: Members of the Task Force to Maximize Benefits of the Affiliated Library - The Library Relationships (present for the discussion of their draft report at 11:00am): Lily Castillo-Speed, Carlos Delgado, Ginny Irving, and Deborah Sommer.


  2. Allan announced that he received the budget letter from EVCP Paul Gray on December 16, establishing the LAUC budget as the same as last year.
  3.  Reports 
  1. Treasurer's Report - L. McLane (submitted by C. Tarr)

  2. LAUC-B’s balance is $50, 518.08.

    Allan met with Tom Leonard on December 1, 2003. They discussed the potential GSI strike, the LAUC Statewide Assembly at Berkeley, the proposed LAUC-B conference, and the granting of emeritus status to librarians, which, since the ratification of the MOU, is now established.

  3. Meeting with the University Librarian - A. Urbanic

  4. Senate Library Committee report - C. Tarr

  1. Given the uncertainty of the state and UC budget, no further progress was made in the Elsevier contract negotiations. The dire state of the budget was discussed. Lynn Withey of UC Press will speak to the Senate Library Committee about electronic publishing at the January meeting.

    Continuing Topics

  1. Emeritus Status for Librarians

  2. Discussion centered on the differences between automatically conferred emeritus benefits and the title of "Emeritus" for librarians. Currently certain emeritus benefits are bestowed automatically when a librarian retires after 10 years of service as a Full Librarian. The title of "Emeritus Librarian," however, is not conferred automatically upon retirement and must be applied for under a separate process; its privileges are as yet unclear and need to be enumerated.

    ACTION: Lincoln Cushing and Ilan Eyman will draft a document for publication on the LAUC-B Web site enumerating what emeritus benefits are for librarians, what applying for the title of "Emeritus Librarian" entails, and what it implies for continued participation in library meetings and policy discussion for retired librarians.

  3. LAUC-B Bylaws Revisions

ExComm reviewed and approved the revisions proposed by LAUC Parliamentarian Paul Weiss to bring LAUC-B bylaws into compliance with LAUC Statewide bylaws.

ACTION: Allan will forward the language to the LAUC-B Nominations and Elections committee for inclusion on the LAUC-B June ballot.

  1. New Topics

  1. Preliminary findings of the Affiliated Libraries-The Library Task Force. DRAFT Recommendations – discussion with Task Force members seeking LAUC-B endorsement (a copy of the report can be found at ../tlaltf_report_04.html)

Members of the Task Force asked ExComm to particularly review Recommendations 1, 5, 9, and 21.

ACTION: ExComm members are to review the entire draft, including the recommendations that specifically involve LAUC-B, and submit any comments to the ExComm reflector by the end of January. Allan will forward ExComm's compiled comments to the Task Force at the end of January.


V. Other Business

None to report.

* * * *

Next LAUC-B Executive Committee meeting: Wednesday, January 14, 2004, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Room 303 Doe Library.