Executive Committee Minutes 9/10/03

Minutes Meeting No. 1 September 10, 2003
REVISED 9/25/03

LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
September 10, 2003
10:00 - 12 noon
Doe 303

Present: Allan Urbanic (Chair), Myrtis. Cochran (Past Chair), Chris Tarr (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect), Linda McLane (Treasurer), Jane Rosario (Secretary) (Recorder), Lincoln Cushing (Affiliated Representative), Paul Atwood (Affiliated Representative Alternate) (Facilitator)

Absent: David de Lorenzo (Library Representative)

Handouts: Agenda, Draft LAUC-B Budget Request 2003/2004

I. Announcements - 10 min

The exhibit At Work: The Art of California Labor, which Lincoln Cushing worked on and is featured in, is on display at the California Historical Society and at San Francisco State. The exhibit will tour the state. L. Cushing passed around a handsome catalog of the exhibit.

Planning for the Statewide Fall Assembly is proceeding, with committee members Sue Koskinen, Ruth Girill, Margaret Phillips, Beth Dupuis, and Beth Sibley. The Fall Assembly date is December 5th and it will be held here at Berkeley.

Planning for the LAUC-B Fall Assembly is proceeding. The Chancellor has been invited to be the guest speaker.

Action item: A. Urbanic to follow up with the Chancellors office, and reserve the Morrison Room once a date is known.

Discussion of LAUC committee roster followed, with several corrections noted to be made to the LAUC-B Web site.

Action item: J. Rosario will update the LAUC-B Web site accordingly.

Dolores Huerta was appointed as a Regent of the University of California.

II. Reports - 20 min
A. Treasurer's Report L. McLane
The LAUC-B fund balance at the end of August was $56,012.15.
B. Meeting with the University Librarian A. Urbanic/C. Tarr
University Librarian Tom Leonard was briefed on the Diversity Fellow position, and communications with Susan Wong (Library Human Resources Department) regarding librarian recruitment.

Tom informed us that the current Memorandum of Understanding with the union had been extended to October 17, 2003.

The Library will be considering far more librarians for career and merit reviews this year.

All construction projects relating to The Library are on schedule.

C. Senate Library Committee report C. Tarr
Daniel Greenstein spoke to the Faculty Senate Library Committee about the University's attempts to cope with escalating serial prices. Particularly noted were the negotiations between the California Digital Library (CDL) and publishing giant Elsevier.
D. Taskforce to Maximize Benefits of the Affiliated Libraries/The Library Relationships -- L. Cushing
Committee members include Carlos Delgado, Ginny Irving, Deborah Sommer, chaired by L. Cushing. The committees goal is to establish better relationships between the Affiliated Libraries and the General Library; to make Affiliates more integral to the General Library. The committee met to set up a schedule of meetings and to establish a listserv. The committee will meet every couple of weeks.
III. Continuing Topics - 20 minutes
A. LAUC-B recognition of retirees
More discussion on this topic was held, including some anecdotal information that combining a retiree recognition with the annual holiday party would not be desirable. There is still interest in making it a library-wide event, with LAUC working in cooperation with LHRD and the Staff Development Committee to honor all retirees in a given year. Most units have individual retirement parties; having a member of ExComm attend and present the honoree with a certificate/acknowledgement from LAUC was also discussed.
B. LAUC-B Budget planning (handout)
LAUC-Bs funds are slightly higher this year. The estimated funds set aside in the MOU, if they remain the same, will be divided among fewer librarians, thus increasing each individual portion slightly. Augmentation will be discussed at the October meeting. A draft budget was handed out, and after discussion, it was decided to retain $12,000 for Conferences and Workshops, the same amount as last year.
IV. New Topics - 50 minutes
A. Assignment of ExComm Tasks
Candidate lunches will be organized by David de Lorenzo, Library Representative to ExComm.

The LAUC Mentoring Program will be directed by the other Library Representative, once that position is appointed.

B. Discussion of LAUC-B Conference/Workshop/Program
Stemming from the Collection Development Summit (held Friday, September 5) an informative conference for faculty was proposed. CDL and Library administration would also be involved. This would be held in late 2004 or early 2005.
C. Discussion of LAUC-B Bylaws in conflict with LAUC Systemwide Bylaws
Discussion centered on reverting to the original language of Article IV, Officers, Representatives, and Committees, Section 5. Committees, Subsection E. the Committee on Cultural Diversity, and Subsection F. The Committee on Research and Professional Development.
Action item: Proposed language change must be submitted to statewide LAUC as soon as possible.
D. Discussion of committee representation and appointment of vacant Library Representative (Closed session.)
* * * * * *
Meeting adjourned at 11:30am; next Executive Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 2003, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, at Boalt Hall, in the Deans Conference Room.