Executive Committee Meeting 12/15/99

Meeting No. 1999/2000 (4)

LAUC-B Executive Committee
December 15, 1999


Present: B. Glendenning (Chair), B. Ogden, A. Sevetson, P. Janes, C. James, A. Youmans, B. Sibley, S. Calpestri (recorder), H. Morimoto

Guests: E. Woods, M. Levy

Absent: D. Farrell, B. Weil

1. Minutes
Minutes of the November 10 meeting were amended and approved. Glendenning recorded changes to the draft minutes.

2. Announcements & Reports
Ogden announced that Senate Library Committee minutes are now being circulated to the LAUC-B membership.

Glendenning provided an update on the recruitment checklist saying that she, Sevetson, Rancer and Dost had met and that Dost had revised the checklist for Cabinet to review.

Glendenning reported for R&PD Committee regarding speakers for upcoming programs.

Current roster of program ideas includes:

  1. State of the Library
  2. T. Huwe - Townsend Center
  3. Steve Coffman -- future of reference and information services
  4. Patricia Breivik
Following discussion, Ex-Comm felt that Brevik would be of interest to a broad range of library staff and should be considered for an early bird rather than a LAUC program. Glendenning will report back to M. Mahoney on this discussion.

In thinking forward to speaker(s) for the Spring Assembly (to be held before May 10th), Dean Breslauer's name was put forward based on his recent presentation to Social Sciences Council in which he described current trends in the disciplines and departments and discussed possible implications for the libraries.

A. Chair's report: No report, as Glendenning had not met with UL Lowell since the last ExComm meeting.

B. Vice Chair's report: Ogden reported on Senate Library Committee meeting, giving a general overview of the character and tenor of meetings. Current topics discussed included AUL candidates for Collections position and issues related to the expected increase in enrollment especially as it relates to Moffitt.

C. LAUC-B Budget: The most recent LAUC-B budget report provided by The Library Business Office has significant discrepancies from what LAUC-B records show. E. Woods (LBO) and M. Levy (past LAUC-B Treasurer) joined this discussion to help in resolving the discrepancies. Three areas were identified as sources for further investigation: (1) carry forward funds from previous LAUC-B account; (2) several travel expenditures which exceeded the $608.00 total personal allocation need to be adjusted with the non-LAUC portion transferred to another budget, and (3) income and expenses for the LAUC sponsored Conference on Scholarly communication.

Inasmuch as the problem appears to be an accounting matter within the Library, Glendenning, Sibley and Woods will meet to correct the budget reports.

It was noted that there is a significant learning curve for those in the position of LAUC Treasurer and that the current one-year term means that the Treasurer is more often than not in "learning mode". It was suggested that we consider two-year terms for the Treasurer position as a future agenda item.

D. Librarian Emeritus guidelines: UCR Guidelines distributed. Discussion postponed until another meeting.

E. Communication with SOPAG, SLASIAC, or CDL: Glendenning shared requests for input from L. Kennedy of SOPAG and G. Peete of SLASIAC. From both it seems CDL staff is concerned about not getting enough feedback from librarians/selectors regarding various projects and librarians/selectors are feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of requests for feedback on all matters of topics. Deadlines for comments are often very difficult (or impossible) to meet. While recognizing that the problem is complex, and that there is far too much for a single CDL representative to manage for us, it was suggested that we try to utilize our administrative structure(s) namely the subject council as venues for providing feedback to CDL on various projects.