Executive Committee Minutes 12/13/00

Minutes - Meeting No. 4 - 2000/2001

December 13, 2000
10:10 - noon
303 Doe Library

J. Gallwey, B. Glendenning, R. Lhermitte, P. Maughan (Secretary), H. Morimoto, B. Ogden (Chair), M. Phillips, N. Robinson, A. Youmans

B. Anton, S. Calpestri

1. Announcements

  • B. Ogden thanked H. Morimoto for his work in crafting LAUC Ex Comm's formal written comments and recommendations regarding the University Librarian recruitment.
  • B. Ogden thanked R. Lhermitte and M. Phillips for managing local arrangements for the LAUC Statewide Assembly, held at Berkeley in November.
  • B. Ogden announced a special LAUC-B election scheduled for December on revisions to the Statewide Bylaws.
  • B. Ogden, P. Owen, J. Harlan, N. Kobzina, and B. Kornstein met this week to discuss the implementation of the new Librarian contract on the Berkeley campus. B. Ogden, N. Kobzina, and B. Kornstein will continue this discussion later in the week. B. Ogden agreed to e-mail the LAUC-B membership with an update. He will also poll LAUC Chairs on other UC campuses regarding the action taking place on their respective campuses.
  • A. Youmans announced the Affiliated Libraries Fall Assembly took place.
2. Treasurer's report - R. Lhermitte

B. Lhermitte has contacted Sam Trosow to inquire whether the professional development funds delineated in the recently ratified contract will be available for disbursement this year. If so, B. Ogden will need to request from P. Gray an equivalent amount per librarian for non-represented librarians. Ex Comm approved a disbursement of $637 in professional development/travel funds for each requesting librarian in 2000-2001. For non-Affiliated librarians, this amount can be supplemented with $800 in administratively granted professional development/travel funding. B. Glendenning volunteered to work with M. Rancer to co-issue revised instructions for submitting administratively awarded travel funds.

3. Meeting with University Librarian

B. Ogden met with T. Leonard on a one item agenda: administrative stipends for HEERA designated librarian supervisors. B. Ogden was urged by Ex Comm and agreed to continue to work toward resolving this question so that Berkeley can comply with University policy on this issue. He also agreed to seek clarification on the UC Berkeley criteria for including in or excluding librarians from HEERA supervisor status.

4. Senate Library Committee Report

There was no report owing to B. Anton's absence.


  • Librarian travel request procedures moved to the 2001 LAUC Ex Comm agenda
  • Supplements to professional development allocations B. Lhermitte has contacted S. Trosow.
  • Administrative stipends for librarians see report on the meeting with the University Librarian above.
  • Nominations & Elections Committee nominations to Academic Senate committees moved to the January 2001 LAUC Ex Comm agenda
  • Cultural Diversity Committee budget request Pending. B. Ogden has sought clarification from the Chair on one line-item in the budget request.

1. LAUC-B Mentor Program M. Phillips

LAUC Ex Comm agreed to fund an initial welcome lunch for LAUC-B mentors and their "mentees" and agreed to extend the mentorship program to include all LAUC-B members, including temporary librarians.

2. LAUC-B Membership Roster, Mailing Labels, and Reflector P. Maughan

P. Maughan alerted Ex Comm to problems associated with keeping an accurate and updated membership roster, set of LAUC-B mailing labels, and reflector list. At present, there is no system in place whereby the LAUC-B Chair or Secretary is routinely notified of new appointments to the librarian series or librarian resignations. P. Maughan agreed to draft a memo from LAUC Ex Comm to B. Kornstein and P. Owen to request such as system be put in place.