Executive Committee Minutes 12/11/02

Minutes – Meeting No. 4 – December 11, 2002
LAUC-B Executive Committee Meeting
Dec. 11, 2002
10:10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
303 Doe Library
Present:M. Cochran (Chair), A. Urbanic, S. Koskinen (facilitator), B. Anton, M. Mahoney, B. Quigley, D. De Lorenzo, B. Bohl (recorder), M. Snow, L. Cushing.
Absent:S. McMahon
 Draft Emeritus Procedures – LAUC-B
 Distinguished Librarian Award Committee Membership & Charge
 Recommendations from the LAUC-B DLA Task Force
I.  Announcements
The LAUC-B budget was approved by Paul Gray
II. Reports
A.     Treasurer’s Report (M. Mahoney)
The LAUC-B treasury has a balance of $35,855.56 (as of Nov.)
Anyone requesting reimbursements for refreshments will need to provide a list of participants at the event, per the campus Travel and Entertainment Unit. M. Mahoney has been asked by a LAUC-B member if members traveling on LAUC-B funds can use the campus sponsored travel agencies to charge airline tickets directly to the University.
Action:M. Mahoney and M. Snow will research the issue of using the campus travel services.
B.     Meeting with the University Librarian (M. Cochran/A. Urbanic)
The University is still waiting for the state budget to be finalized before any decisions are made.There was a 5% one-time give back (from the library’s operations budget) and it is still a possibility that there will be a further 5% cut.
The main topic of conversation at the University Librarian Retreat was shared collections.The UC heads of the Human Resources Departments held a conference call to discuss ways to make employment opportunities at the University more attractive.They will discuss this matter further at their meeting on Dec. 13.
Other topics discussed included the Distinguished Librarian Award, the LAUC Fall Assembly, COLAs and the proposed reception for new librarians on March 13, 2003.
C.     Senate Library Committee Report (A. Urbanic)
No report, but affiliated library issues will be on the agenda of the next meeting.
D.     Candidate Lunches (B. Quigley)
We hosted lunches for one position last month. Several new positions have recently closed.  Depending on budget decisions related to these positions,  we might host a number of lunches in January/February.
E.      LAUC Fall Assembly (M. Cochran, A. Urbanic, M. Snow, B. Bohl)
M. Cochran attended the Executive Board Meeting held on Thursday, Dec. 5; M. Cochran, A. Urbanic, M. Snow and B. Bohl attended the Assembly on Friday, Dec. 6.The main topic of discussion at the Assembly was the CPG report and its recommendations.LAUC divisions will continue discussions on this topic.
III. Continuing Topics
A.     Distinguished Librarian Award Committee
ExComm reviewed and discussed the DLA Committee membership and charge, and suggested a change to the wording.It was suggested that the previous years’ recipient should serve on the committee, which is to be comprised of a minimum of 4 members.
Action:The wording regarding the committee membership will be revised.
Action: ExComm should send suggestions for candidates to serve on the committee to M. Cochran by e-mail.M.Snow and L. Cushing will consider affiliated members who might be willing to serve.
B.     Emeritus Librarian
ExComm members will review the Draft Emeritus Procedures and will   discuss the document at our January meeting.We should review the section on Privileges and send comments to S. Koskinen or B. Anton.
Action:B. Anton will ask M. Burnette whether section E under the Nomination Procedures is acceptable to CAPA
Action:B. Anton will send ExComm members the URL for the UC Berkeley Retirement Center.
IV. New Topics
A.     LAUC-B Policy and Procedures Manual/Review of LAUC-B Officer &
Representative positions
Ex Comm. Members will review the LAUC-B Policy and Procedures Manual and the duties of the officers in a working meeting to be held Jan. 22, 2003, and recommend any necessary changes.
Action:B. Bohl will bring copies of the Policy & Procedures Manual to the meeting.
B.     LAUC-B Archives, guidelines, policies and procedures
ExComm needs to develop guidelines and procedures for the material to be stored in the LAUC-B Archives.
Action:D. DeLorenzo and M. Mahoney will bring archive guidelines to the next meeting (Jan. 15), and we will have further discussions at the February meeting.
C.     LAUC-B Spring Assembly
The LAUC Spring Assembly is scheduled for May 30, 2003.M. Cochran would like to hold the LAUC-B Spring Assembly in April or early May.  We need to select a speaker for the Assembly; several names were suggested for consideration.
Action:ExComm is to consider potential speakers for the Spring Assembly, which will be discussed further at the January meeting.
        The next Executive Committee meeting will be held Wednesday, January 15 in
           the Stone Room of the Bancroft Library.The regularly scheduled meeting date,
           every 2nd Wednesday, was cancelled because of holiday vacations.