Executive Committee Meeting 12/4/96

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Meeting no. 1996/97 (3)
4 December 1996


Present:  W.Benemann (Secretary), T.Dean (Chair), G.Irving (CAPA), C.Lee,
R.Moon, A.Swartzell, D.Sommer, C.Tarr, K.Vanden Heuvel

Absent: R.Brandt, D.Jan, G.Peete

Handouts: Agenda; Minutes of meeting no. 1996/97 (2); memo from Carol
Christ announcing budget for LAUC-B, FY 1996-97; letter from T. Dean to
Leon Litwack and Academic Senate Committee on Library

I. Announcements:  Travel forms have been distributed to all LAUC-B
members.  Members are reminded that they should submit only original
forms, no photocopies. 

II. Minutes of the meeting of 20 November 1996 were approved, with

III. Academic Senate Committee on Library:  T. Dean distributed copies of
her letter to the Committee, thanking them for their strong support of
collection building and the restoration of staffing levels for Berkeley's
libraries.  D. Sommer announced that the Committee on Library's minutes
will be mounted on the Academic Senate web site.  LAUC-B will create a
link from our web site to the Committee's minutes. 

        ACTION:  W. Benemann will create the link to the Academic Senate
web site. 

IV. Old Business

        A.  Copyright Conference:  Will be held Saturday, 10 May 1997. 
Speakers will include Howard Besser, Ann Okerson (Yale), and Pam Samuelson
(Boalt).  The Vice Chancellor has denied our request for funding for the

        B.  Distinguished Librarian Award:  K. Vanden Heuvel reported that
we have received funding for the award, and the selection process will
begin in January. 

        C.  Analysis of the Digital Library Initiative:  Peter Lyman
suggested that LAUC-B prepare an analysis of the Digital Library
Initiative for the Senate Committee on Library.  A subcommittee composed
of D. Sommer, A. Swartzell and C. Tarr was appointed to
 draft a response, which will be submitted to LAUC-B Ex Comm for comments. 
The goal is to gain support for the Initiative by explaining the strengths
and weaknesses of the current proposal, and to serve as a bridge between
the Library and the UCOP committee developing the DLI. 

        ACTION:  D. Sommer, A. Swartzell and C. Tarr will draft a response
and submit it to Ex Comm. 

        D.  Review of Librarians while serving as AULs:  Discussion
continued on the question of how librarians in the AUL series, who retain
0% appointments in the Librarian Series, will be evaluated in the
Librarian Series during and after their AUL tenure.  G. Irving asked if
this is still an active issue, needing our attention. 

        ACTION:  T. Dean will check with Peter Lyman to see if he is still
interested in having formal guidelines established. 

        E. Movement from Librarian IV to Librarian V:  The recommendations
in CAPA's Annual Report were discussed.  It was decided that librarians at
the Librarian IV level should be provided the choice of either remaining
at step IV or requesting an advancement to Librarian V. 

        ACTION:  G.Irving will draft language to add to the Berkeley Local
Guidelines to make this option clear. 

        F.  Guidelines for the inclusion of web sites in dossiers:  Peter
Lyman suggested that LAUC-B establish policies for the inclusion of web
sites and other digital works in dossiers prepared for performance
evaluations.  After some discussion, it was decid ed that separate
guidelines should not be necessary.  Web sites and other digital works
will be reviewed in the same way that other creative and intellectual
products are evaluated.  It will be up to the candidate to demonstrate the
importance and impact of any work done in digital format.  These works
will be reviewed as a regular part of the evaluation process. 

        ACTION:  T. Dean will respond to Peter Lyman.
V. New Business

        A.  TVC's budget call:  Peter Lyman suggested LAUC-B might want to
respond to the budget call, commenting on the lack of programmatic
emphasis, and the lack of any apparent mission other than cutting the
budget.  He would like us to speak from the operat ions side, to point out
the impact of the current funding proposal. 

        ACTION:  T. Dean will draft a response.

        B.  Speakers at LAUC-B meetings:  T. Dean suggested that we might
inaugurate a series of speakers at LAUC-B Ex Comm meetings.  Suggested
speakers: Leon Litwack, Genaro Padilla, Barbara Davis. 

        C.  1997 meeting dates:  LAUC-B Ex Comm will meet the first Wednesday 
of the month (except for January), from 9:00-11:00 in 119 Moses Hall.