Executive Committee Meeting 11/8/00

Minutes - Meeting No. 3 - 2000/2001

November 8, 2000
10:10 - noon
303 Doe Library

B. Anton, S. Calpestri, J. Gallwey, R. Lhermitte, H. Morimoto, B. Odgen (Chair), M. Phillips, N. Robinson, A. Youmans

P. Maughan (Secretary), B. Glendenning

M. Miller

1. Announcements

  • Fall Assembly on November 17, 2000 (M.Phillips)
  • Candidate lunches for Public Health Library position coming up. (B. Anton)
  • Paul Gray signed off on budget. (B. Ogden)
  • LAUC Statewide Executive Board has sent a letter to University Librarians addressing the issue of the Distinguished Librarian and recommending that more emphasis be placed on APM criteria number 1 (primary job and responsibilities). (B. Ogden)
2. Treasurer's report - R. Lhermitte

The LAUC-B budget request of $52,150 was approved by The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. The money will show up in the ledgers around the first of the year. We have a carry forward of approximately $45,000. It was proposed that those funds be spent down by about $13,500 to augment travel requests. R. Lhermitte will work out several formulas depending on the number of requests received. The Executive Committee approved a $250 expenditure, sponsoring a conference on UCITA.

3. Meeting with University Librarian

B. Anton and B. Ogden attended one of their regular monthly meetings with T. Leonard. They discussed the issue of Emeritus Librarian privileges and the administrative stipend. T. Leonard discussed this with Patty Owen, Academic Personnel, who gave him a verbal promise that she would investigate the issue further. B. Ogden and B. Anton solicited discussion topics to bring up at their next meeting with Leonard. LAUC-B members were invited to contact them.

4. Senate Library Committee

The next meeting of the Senate Library Committee will be a tour of the Public Health Library. The committee intends to write a letter asking that PUBL not be made into a "storefront" library.

B. Anton reported at the last meeting that T. Leonard had requested that librarians be appointed to four Academic Senate committees. G. Handman has been appointed to the Computing & Communications Committee. The other committees are Student Affairs, Teaching, and Research. Librarian representatives will be appointed by the LAUC-B Nominating & Elections Committee. B. Anton will ask the Nominations & Elections Committee to solicit self-nominations in order to fill the other Academic Senate Committee openings.


B. Anton advised N. Kobzina on a change to CAPA procedures regarding the fact that only librarians with career status are eligible for membership on CAPA.

A discussion of the change in travel policy and procedures will be scheduled for the January meeting.

Supplements to MOU professional development allocations - nothing more

Administrative stipends for librarians - nothing more


1. LAUC-B representatives to the LAUC Fall Assembly

Since P. Maughan is unable to attend, H.Morimoto, will attend as Library Representative.

2. Cultural Diversity committee

The Cultural Diversity committee has requested that one of the staff representatives on the committee be extended for another year. Ex Comm approved this extension. Cultural Diversity committee also made a budget request. The Executive Committee felt that more information was necessary before they could approve the additional funds. B. Ogden will ask for a detailed request from S. Koskinen, committee chair.

3. ExComm approved a $250 request

ExComm approved the $250 request from S. Trosow to co-sponsor an upcoming UCITA Teleconference.

4. University Librarian candidate interviews

The committee discussed whether LAUC should try to insert itself more aggressively into the interview process. Although ExComm is scheduled to have lunch with the candidates, the lunch is informal. It was decided that ExComm members would try to attend all of the Early Birds and drop-in sessions with the candidates, in addition to lunch, and make sure that our core set of questions (originally drafted by H. Morimoto) are addressed during these opportunities. S. Calpestri will coordinate ExComm attendance at all of these events. H. Morimoto will continue to take the lead on writing the formal LAUC response. A special meeting to discuss the candidates and how they addressed our issues of concern will be held on Wednesday, December 6 at 1pm.

5. Research & Professional Development Committee

M. Miller, as a representative from the LAUC Research & Professional Development Committee, solicited Ex Comm's advice on the kinds of programs and events that they should be doing. Among the program ideas generated during the brainstorming session were:

  • what kind of jobs are recent SIMS graduates taking?
  • impact of electronic access on research
  • the research library in a corporate-funded public university
  • the role of information services in distance education
  • minimum needs for information literacy among librarians
  • what can we do about workload problems?
  • antidotes for techno-stress
  • why isn't collaboration happening?
  • why are there no rewards or training for supervisors/management?
S. Calpestri suggested that more be done to translate the many interesting ideas generated by these programs into practical changes within our work.