Executive Committee Meeting 11/20/96

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Meeting no. 1996/97 (2)
20 November 1996


Present: W.Benemann (Secretary), R.Brandt, T.Dean (Chair), G. Irving
(CAPA), D.Jan, C.Lee, A.Swartzell, D.Sommer, C.Tarr, K.Vanden Heuvel

Absent: R.Moon, G.Peete

Guests:  Grace Mills

Handouts:  Agenda; Minutes of meeting no. 1996/97 (1); Budget Process for
FY 1997-1998 (C.Christ); letter from T.Dean to President Atkinson; Letter
to Faculty from Academic Senate Committee on Library

I.  Announcements:  D.Jan announced that travel forms have been
distributed to the membership.  T.Dean announced that LAUC-B still does
not have a budget. 

II.  Minutes of Meeting no. 1996/97 (1) were approved, with corrections. 

III. Senate Library Committee:
D.Sommer was not able to attend the latest meeting of the Committee on Library, due to a conflict with the LAUC Fall Assembly. LAUC-B members were sent an e-mail copy of a letter from the Committee on Library to the F aculty, raising concerns about campus support for library collections and staff. T.Dean is drafting a thank you letter on behalf of LAUC-B. IV. Digital Library Initiative: In a recent meeting with T.Dean and D.Sommer, Peter Lyman suggested that LAUC-B prepare an analysis of and response to the Digital Library Initiative. ACTION: D.Sommer, A.Swartzell and C.Tarr will draft a report and present it to the Executive Committee by mid-December, to be sent to the Senate Committee on Library. V. CAPA: G.Irving led a discussion of the recommendations of the CAPA Annual Report, focusing on Recommendations F and H. Recommendation F suggests changes to the language in the Berkeley Local Guidelines to specify that a candidate at the Librarian IV level would be presumed to be on "Special Review" status (i.e., would be reviewed every three years, without a recommendation for advancement) until the candidate wishes to be considered for promotion to the Librarian V level. Recommendation H seeks guidelines for the evaluation of candidates who have 0% appointments in the Librarian Series while serving as AULs; there is a specific concern about how and when they will be evaluated in their librarian appointments while serving in an AUL position. Pe ter Lyman has requested that LAUC-B draw up a proposal for handling these cases, but D.Sommer pointed out that there are legal issues which might supersede our recommendations. ACTION: T.Dean will seek an opinion from the University Counsel clarifying our options in this regard.
VI. Professional Development Committee:
Grace Mills asked for an elaboration of the directive from T.Dean to establish a series of programs on the future of librarianship. The Executive Committee suggested several potential topics and speakers. A.Swar tzell suggested that it might be valuable to tie the series into the proposed "CyberSemester," since the role of librarians will certainly be affected by the issues being discussed in that program. The Executive Committee learned that Janice Dost has es tablished a cooperative program involving The Library, UC Extension and the School of Information Management Systems to provide continuing education for librarians. ACTION: T. Dean will investigate how this program might relate to LAUC-B's series on the future of librarianship. VII. Distinguished Librarian Award: K.Vanden Heuvel asked for volunteers to help with the Distinguished Librarian Award program. C.Tarr volunteered from the Executive Committee, and several names were proposed as possible committee members. ACTION: K.Vanden Heuvel will contact the suggested members and form a committee. Due to time constraints, other items on the agenda were postponed until the next meeting: Wednesday, December 4th, at 9:00 AM in 119 Moses Hall.