Executive Committee Meeting 11/18/97

LAUC-B Executive Committee
Meeting No. 1997/98 (4)
18 November 1997
9:05 - 11:25 am, 109 Moses Hall


Present: A. Barone (CAPA), T. Dean, M. Harmon, A. Sevetson, D.
Sommer (Chair), C. Tarr, L. Vida (Secretary), J. Von Euw, B. Weil

Absent: C. Lee, R. Moon, V. Shih

Handouts: Agenda; Draft Minutes 11/4/97; Revised CAPA Statistics
for 1996-97 Review Cycle (as of 11/10/97); Travel/Professional
Development Guidelines 1997/98.

The committee met in executive session which adjourned at 11:00am.

I.  Announcements -- D. Sommer
     a) D. Sommer welcomed M. Harmon to the Executive Committee, as
         the newly elected Affiliated Library Representative.
     b) Tony Newcomb, convener of the Blue Ribbon Committee, will
         speak at an Early Bird on Thursday, December 4, 1997 in the Lipman
     c) L. Vida will make sure that Executive Committee members who
         miss the Committee meetings will receive all handouts.
     d) The LAUC Statewide Fall Assembly will be held at UC Davis
         on Friday, November 21, 1997.

II.  The MINUTES for the 11/4/97 (3) meeting were approved with      corrections.  L. Vida will send these MINUTES out on the LAUC-B
     reflector, have them mounted on the LAUC-B website and send an
     announcement to P. Inouye.

III. Old Business -- D. Sommer
     a) J. Fong has agreed to serve as the Chair of the LAUC-B
        Conference Committee on Scholarly Publishing to be held in the
        Spring.  J. Fong will be seeking additional members for her
     b) T. Dean announced that it is extremely important to revise
        the LAUC-B By-Laws this year.  A. Youmans, LAUC-B representative to
        the LAUC Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdictions, will
        help T. Dean to revise the Berkeley by-laws. 

     ACTION) D. Sommer will write a charge.

     c) There have been changes to the LAUC-B website.  Please
         review and send comments to A. Sevetson. 

IV. New Business - D. Sommer
     At the monthly meeting that D. Sommer and A. Sevetson have
     with S. Rosenblatt, the future of libraries, the changing roles of
     librarians and new service models were discussed.  S. Rosenblatt is
     committed to supporting a forum to explore these ideas and has
     asked for a recommendation from the Executive Committee. Discussion
     ensued and several models were suggested: a series of focused Early
     Bird programs on two or three key issues: digital resources versus
     hard copy, job security, or personnel issues.  Other ideas included
     exploring what library collections and Document Delivery will look
     like in 2015.  These programs could be held monthly or once or
     twice in the Spring.  Other suggestions included: a retreat with
     invited participants, possibly convening Focus Groups with an
     outside facilitator. 

     ACTION) D. Sommer will present a draft of alternatives to the
     Executive Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 am.  The next meeting will be on
December 16, 1997 from 9-11 am in 119 Moses Hall.