Executive Committee Minutes 11/10/99

Meeting No. 1999/2000 (3)

LAUC-B Executive Committee
10 November 1999
10:30-Noon, 303 Doe Library


Present: Suzanne Calpestri, David Farrell (Secretary), Barbara Glendenning (Chair), Chuck James, Phoebe Janes, Hideyuki Morimoto, Barclay Ogden, Andrea Sevetson, Beth Sibley, Beth Weil, Alice Youmans

Handouts: Agenda; Draft minutes (Meeting No. 2, 10/13/99); Librarian Recruitment Checklist; Proposal to Restructure the UC Salary Scale for Librarians with Appendix

1. Minutes
The minutes of Meeting No. 2, 10/13/99, were corrected and approved.

2. Announcements
Glendenning reported on information she's received regarding the "Proposal to Restructure the UC Salary Scale for Librarians," a document containing the UL/LAUC proposal and the Office of the President analysis. Copies are available for librarian review in GSSI. It was noted that UCB did not respond to several systemwide requests for data. The proposal has the approval of the Council of Vice Chancellors and, following further review and consultation, it will be forwarded to the Union and Labor Relations for collective bargaining review. If approval is given in time, the first steps of implementation could begin as early 1 July 2000.

James announced that the Affiliated Librarians have set their Fall Assembly for 1 December in the Goldberg Room, Boalt Hall. Their speaker is Dr. Andrew Whittaker and his topic is "Influence of Recent Earthquakes on Campus Seismic Planning."

3. Reports

A. Chair: Glendenning and Anton met with the University Librarian to seek clarification of the process for filling temporary librarian appointments. They urged him to implement a consistent, uniform policy for all units which would include CAPA consultation and review. They will draft suggested guidelines for review with the University Librarian and Human Resources.

B. Vice Chair: Ogden reported on the recent meeting of the Academic Senate Library Committee. The Committee will circulate their corrected minutes to LAUC membership in the future. They also had a walk-through of Doe and the North Addition, focusing on the development of the Core space and the organization of the stacks. There was discussion of the "New Millennium" campus planning effort.

C. Secretary: Farrell reported that refreshments are ordered for next week's Fall Assembly and that the online rosters and up-to-date.

D. Treasurer: Sibley reported she has received 49 travel requests; deadline is 12 November. The new budget has not yet been allocated. Glendenning will follow-up with The Vice Chancellor's Office regarding the budget.

4. Old Business

The LAUC laptop use guidelines were reviewed and delegated to Sevetson to complete, including determination of the status of insurance for the machine.

5. New Business

A. Janes reported on the new librarian-mentoring program, which is functioning well enough for now but may have difficulty attracting enough mentors as more positions are filled in the year ahead. Discussion focused on ways to recruit mentors and to give incentives and credit for their important efforts.

B. Ogden spoke with the Development Office about an endowment to fund Distinguished Librarians awards. He will develop a statement of description and purpose of the program, which will be available when and if potential donors are identified. Former and retired librarians were mentioned as a group that might be interested in supporting the program.

C. Review of the Librarian Recruitment Checklist revealed several issues regarding the scope and function of the document. Farrell will recirculate the document to Excomm with a request for their comments by 19 November. Comments should be sent to Glendenning. The document is intended to clarify LAUC, CAPA, HRD, and hiring unit responsibilities in librarian recruitments.