Executive Committee Meeting 1/10/01

MEETING No. 5 ¾ 2000/2001

January 10, 2001
10:10 - noon
303 Doe Library



B. Anton, S. Calpestri, R. Lhermitte, P. Maughan (Secretary), B. Ogden (Chair), M. Phillips, A. Youmans


J. Gallwey, B. Glendenning, H. Morimoto, N. Robinson


R. Heckart, N. Kobzina, B. Kornstein, J. McKenzie

  1. Announcements
  2. LAUC Statewide President, Cathy Palmer, has requested a meeting with LAUC-B Ex Comm sometime before the Spring Assembly, scheduled for April 27, 2001.

  3. Treasurer's report - R. Lhermitte

B. Lhermitte reported the professional development funds have not yet been deposited into the LAUC-B account. She is following up. The MOU professional development funds have also not come through. B. Lhermitte agreed to follow up with M. Okada, Patti Owen and E. Leavitt. LAUC-B discussed whether new librarian appointees were eligible for LAUC-B professional development funding and agreed that new appointees who met annual application deadline would be considered and those appointed after the application should be encouraged to apply for LAUC-B funding the following year, and for administratively granted professional development funding in the current year.


3. Meeting with University Librarian – B. Ogden

No meeting took place.

  1. Senate Library Committee Report – B. Anton

No meeting took place.


Memo to LAUC-B membership on transition to new salary scale - B. Ogden

B. Ogden sent an e-mail memorandum to all LAUC-B members on December 15, 2000.

Memo to other LAUC chairs regarding transition issues - B. Ogden

B. Ogden sent a memo to other LAUC chairs inquiring how their campuses were undertaking to implement librarian reviews in light of the new salary scale. He received three responses, none of which reported on any problems encountered to date with the transition. The matter will be discussed further at an upcoming LAUC Statewide Executive Board.

Supplements to MOU professional development allocations - R. Lhermitte

See Treasurer's report above.

Librarian travel request procedures - R. Lhermitte, B. Glendenning

R. Lhermitte will be meeting with M. Rancer to revise the Administrative Travel funding request form. Ex Comm agreed to appoint a task force to assess the current travel procedures. B. Ogden will draft a charge to the task force and solicit volunteers from among the membership.

Administrative stipends for HEERA designated supervisory librarians - B. Ogden

P. Owens has made a recommendation to J. De Vries, who has been in touch with T. Leonard. The substance of the recommendation is not known. T. Leonard will be in contact with all affected HEERA designated supervisory librarians.

In response to a query from LAUC-B Ex Comm, E. Leavitt, Academic Personnel, provided the following definition of a HEERA designated supervisory librarian: "supervises 2.0 FTE, other than student library employees. This is subject to change or exception."

Nominations & Election Committee - nominations to Academic Senate

Committees. - B. Anton

Nothing to report. Awaiting further word from T. Leonard.

Cultural Diversity Committee budget request - B. Ogden

Ex Comm approved in principle CDC's request for LAUC-B funds to print Cultural Diversity bookmarks for an ALA Annual Conference competition. Awaiting final budget submission by CDC.

Memo on notification of LAUC-B librarian appointments, resignations & retirements - P. Maughan

P. Maughan's draft memorandum to LHRD and Academic Personnel was approved with minor changes. The amended version will be forwarded to B. Ogden and sent to B. Kornstein and E. Leavitt under his signature.


Report from CAPA on librarian scale transition questions – N. Kobzina

R. Heckart, N. Kobzina, and B. Kornstein reported on a meeting between LHRD, CAPA and Academic Personnel. Academic Personnel's perceives its role is to implement the new librarian contract. The contract, however, is silent on the issue of the "barrier step." Letters have been sent by Academic Personnel to Affiliated Librarians indicating that the barrier step on the Berkeley campus will be Librarian VI. Letters similar in content will be sent to other LAUC-B members by T. Leonard. Ex Comm expressed concern at Academic Personnel's interpretation of this barrier step in the absence of LAUC-B input or recommendation. B. Ogden will contact C. Palmer, Statewide Chair of LAUC to request the matter be discussed at the systemwide level. It was felt that a consistent interpretation of the barrier step is needed across all campuses.

CAPA is concerned by individual questions being directed to CAPA by librarians who are coming up for review this year. CAPA does not feel comfortable responding to these questions and has been referring librarians to their review initiators for clarification on the appropriate action, or to B. Kornstein, LHRD. CAPA requested that LAUC Ex Comm revise the existing LAUC-B guidelines for librarian review and suggested that Ex Comm appoint a task force to revise the guidelines in light of the transition to the new librarian salary scale. N. Kobzina pointed out that for represented librarians, article 12 of the contract spells out the procedures those going up for Distinguished Librarian and for normal merits during the transition period. The contract can be found at www.ucop. edu/humres/contracts/lib/LibContract.pdf. LAUC-B Ex Comm agreed to appoint a subcommittee to review the LAUC-B guidelines in light of the transition and to address any other related matters. It is expected that former CAPA Chairs will be invited to serve since they are most familiar with past practices and issues.

Research & Professional Development Committee Outline for

"2020 Vision: the Future of Research Libraries" – J. McKenzie

J. McKenzie, Co-Chair of the LAUC-B Research & Professional Development Committee, presented a progress report on the LAUC Special Program that has been funded by the Vice Chancellor. The focus of the program will be the future of research libraries in the digital age. It was agreed that RPDC will create a task force to work on this program, and will send out email asking for volunteers. A target date of late September or early October was set, with the understanding that RPDC will consult with the Librarian’s Office to see if the timing of the program should be coordinated with initiatives resulting from the work of the Organizational Culture Committee.