Executive Meeting 10/11/00

MEETING No. 2 ¾2000/2001

October 11, 2000
10:10 - noon
303 Doe Library


B. Anton, J. Gallwey, B. Glendenning, B. Lhermitte, H. Morimoto, B. Ogden (Chair), P. Maughan (Secretary), M. Phillips, M. Rancer (guest)

S. Calpestri, N. Robinson, A. Youmans


Standard detail reports (September & October 2000), 10/09/00 "Actuals to Tempbudg Ledger Inquiry" reports


M. Phillips announced the preliminary web is up for the Fall LAUC Statewide Assembly at ../FallAssembly/ [site was removed 4/20/04 per R. Brandt].

P. Maughan is working with J. Dost to ascertain the names of new LAUC-B members and to document members' voting/non-voting status.

B. Ogden is trying to schedule a standing monthly meeting with Interim University Librarian, T. Leonard.

B. Ogden has been invited to meet with M. Rancer, J. Dost, and P. Owen regarding the implementation – for non-represented librarians – of the new salary scale. This will occur with the upcoming review cycle. Conversion to the new scale will happen when a librarian comes of for review and, for the forthcoming year, will be retroactive to July 1, 2000.) In addition, B. Ogden reported P. Owens will be contacting the Chairs of Affiliated Libraries' departments regarding the implementation of the administrative stipend on the UCB campus. Academic Personnel wants a unified implementation between The Library and Affiliated Libraries.

B. Ogden reported the activities of the LAUC Statewide Committee on Library Plans & Policies have been put on hold for a year.

LAUC Statewide Fall Assembly will build on Past President K. Lucas' theme: sustainability of librarianship as a profession.


B. Anton reported that the Committee's interests coincide with those of campus librarians. T. Leonard has written letters to the Chairs of the Senate Committees on Student Affairs, Teaching, Research, and Computing & Communications to request that librarian appointments be made to these Committees.

The Committee is reviewing and commenting on the New Century Plan, which discusses the role of libraries on the campus among other issues. The Committee intends to issue a statement regarding the priority of libraries within the plan.


CAPA membership has been finalized. N. Kobzina is the 2000-2001 Chair. Other members are R. Heckart, M. Burnette, C. Tarr, Y. Chou, P. Bischoff, and J. Barker.

The LAUC-B Fall Assembly is scheduled for November 2, 2000, 8:30-10:00, Morrison Room. B. Ogden will send out the agenda. P. Gray is the speaker.

A LAUC-B Executive Committee letter regarding Emeritus status for librarians has been sent to T. Leonard. Leonard has accepted LAUC-B's recommendations regarding privileges for Emeritus Librarians except for continuing access to the faculty modem pool, which must be approved by I S & T. Leonard is checking with I S & T regarding this privilege.

LAUC-B BUDGET– FY 2000-2001

LAUC-B will not be requesting money for the Distinguished Librarian award(s) this year.

LAUC-B is expected to pick up part of the cost of the Statewide Assembly, to be held at Berkeley this Fall.

Ex Comm decided not to introduce any changes to the Librarian Travel Request procedures for FY 2000-2001 but will continue discussions on streamlining the process for the future.

UL Search Discussion

Everyone on the Executive Committee agreed to attend all of the University Librarian earlybirds. A subset of Ex Comm will lunch with the candidates.


M. Rancer announced his intent to appoint a ten-person committee to review the key responsibilities, qualifications and characteristics for the soon to be vacant Library Human Resources Director position. He wants a broadly representative committee with five non-academic appointees, three librarian appointees, and two campus representatives from Labor Relations and Academic Personnel.

Rancer projects a one-month timeline for the work of the committee. The position of Director, LHRD will be posted in early 2001 and Rancer is hoping to designate interim leadership. Two courses of action are possible: 1) appoint a full-time interim LHRD Director or 2) divide the department in two parts: staff and academic, and appoint a 50% Interim Head of Library Academic Personnel from among the librarian ranks. He is leaning toward the latter. LAUC-B Ex Comm offered suggestions regarding librarian appointments to the review committee.


D. Farrell submitted a proposal for a one-day program entitled "Library Values in the Digital Age." It was suggested that an multi-campus library planning group be appointed to plan the program and the cost will be folded into the LAUC-B FY 2000-2001 budget request.


Professional Development Discussion – B. Ogden

Discuss topics for the FY 2000-2001 Research & Professional Development Committee Programs – Move to the 11-08-00 LAUC-B Ex Comm Agenda.