Executive Committee Minutes 10/10/01

Minutes - Meeting No. 2 - 2001/2002
LAUC-B Executive Committee


October 10, 2001
10:10 am - 12:00 noon
303 Doe Library

Present: B. Anton (chair), C. Lee (recorder), J. McKenzie, S. Koskinen, B. Ogden, M. Phillips, B. Quigley, N. Robinson

Absent: M. Cochran, J. Gallwey, M. Snow

I. Announcements

  • LAUC-B Assembly will be November 15 in the Morrison Library. Mary Ann Mason, Dean of the Graduate Division, will be our speaker.
  • The LAUC Statewide Assembly will be November 16 at UC Davis. The agenda, information and registration form is available at http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/LAUCD/assemb/laucdAssembly.html.
  • LAUC Statewide Chair Debbie Murphy will visit the northern campuses in the Spring.

II. Reports

A. Treasurer's Report - J. McKenzie

  • The LAUC-B treasury has a balance of $25,431. Travel funding will be further augmented (see V. New Items, Item A, below).

B. Meeting with the University Librarian - B. Anton, M. Cochran

  • There was further discussion of the issue of converting the Bancroft archivists positions into librarian positions.
  • The University Librarian will follow up on the recommendation to place librarians on appropriate Academic Senate committees. He stated that there were no indications of budget cuts on the horizon.

C. Senate Library Committee report - B. Anton for M. Cochran

  • T. Newcomb suggested that the committee's goals for this year include issues addressed in the 1997/1998 Blue Ribbon Committee report.
  • T. Leonard led a discussion on a list of items on which the Library Administration requested the Committee's input.
  • T. Leonard gave a report on the Library section of the campus Strategic Planning Committee and the vision for the future library.

D. Candidate Lunches - M. Phillips

  • There was a brief discussion of the logistics of the LAUC-B lunches for librarian candidates. The lunches are a successful part of the interview process.

E. Roster update - C. Lee

  • A variety of techniques have been employed to discover the actual status of LAUC-B members. C. Lee hopes to have an accurate and updated membership roster very soon. Information about new members should come in the future from M. Livingston of LHRD.

IV. Continuing Action Items

A. Changes to LAUC-B Guidelines for Peer Review - B. Anton

  • See http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/LHRD/lib.html. The LAUC-B Subcommittee appointed to review these guidelines has finished its work. Academic Personnel has approved those changes which require their approval. The LAUC-B web site now includes the updated guidelines.

B. T. Leonard's 12 July 2001 message to LAUC-B on librarian reviews

  • T. Leonard will be speaking at the annual peer review workshop on November 9. The Executive Committee discussed N. Kobzina's and B. Anton's draft of questions about T. Leonard's 12 July 2001 e-mail message re peer review. The questions will be sent to T. Leonard in advance of the workshop as an example of issues he may wish to address.

C. LAUC-B Fall Assembly planning - B. Anton

  • Committee chairs will be reminded to submit their reports to the LAUC-B Secretary so copies can be made available to LAUC-B members at the Assembly.

V. New Topics

A. LAUC-B travel allocations - J. McKenzie

  • J. McKenzie outlined her proposal to streamline the handling of travel forms. Authorization forms are still required, but under the new procedure, the LAUC-B Treasurer does not need to sign the form. J. McKenzie has sent a message to the LAUC-B membership about the change. This years' travel allocations will be augmented by $600 per librarian.

B. Letter requesting comments on librarians going for Distinguished Step

  • The sample letter for requesting comments on librarians being considered for promotion to the Distinguished Step will be taken off the LAUC-B website until this issue has been clarified.

C. Committee Assignments

  • Nominations for committee assignments were presented and approved. A suggestion was made to change the term of the chair of the LAUC-B Cultural Diversity committee to two years, since that is the term for the Statewide representative (who is usually the Chair). B. Anton will look at the By-laws to see how to make this change.

D. Review of LAUC-B Bylaws

  • Discussion postponed.

Next meeting: November 14, 2001, 10:10 am - 12 noon in 303 Doe Library.